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I've just started watching Hakaba Kitaro, latest version of Gegege. I pretty much know zilch about this series so I'm still deciding to watch or not.

Two episodes in, THIS is supposed to be Dracula? Oh common! Pussiest Dracula I've seen in anime.
And it's 500 years, or 200, depending one what he's referring to. Either way he's wrong. I thought this show was going to be accurate.

I'm not sure what to think. I'm annoyed to hell by the general shonen-ness of it, especially his father's grating voice. But the music is awesome, the art is awesome, and the premise is interesting.

Well, I'll keep watching at least one more episode anyway.
Oh, and now that I think of it, 4th head? They didn't call him Vlad Ispes the Third because he was the fourth! Supposed to be Dracula's son or something?
I'm thinking way too much about this.
Just turn off your brain and watch the Dracula vs. spaghetti-vampire fight.

Kitaro has its own weird version of monster history/setting.
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>Don't settle for less.
it basically rapes any non japanese mythology

I kind of thought the same thing, actually.

But seeing as I also know jack-shit about Gegege, it's interesting enough to see how things play out. It's got a weird view of the whole youkai/monster vs humans thing, and at least it's neat as hell to watch.
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What a fucking pussy
I think it rapes some Japanese mythology too.
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Alucard lol'd.
Son of a bitch probably doesn't even know what a man is.
It leans more towards tenderly loving it. It fucks it up but not as bad
File: 1205466347767.jpg (24 KB, 400x490)
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>THIS is supposed to be Dracula? Oh common!
Also Hakaba Kitarou manga has it's own version of Godzilla, lulz. Oh and this chapter wasn't animated.
DO WANT the mononoke song. WHERE can I get it??

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