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What's your opinion on Speed Grapher?
i think I've never seen a thread about it
I'm not sure, I'm still in the first episode with the gay ballet dancer s/m assasin whatever.
Looks pretty promising so far.
Test post, testing things
It is good. Didn't like the monster of the week aspect of the middle part but all in all it was a decent action anime with a bit weird story, and a _very_ faint romantic aspect. The way it portrayed corruption was really cool. Definetly worth a watch.
I guess it got forgotten because the animation is quite bad and it has zero moe. So newfags probably won't pick it up therefore it is not talked about a lot.
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It can be a love/hate kind of affair for some people, especially in the middle where the battles get really retarded/weird, but honestly Its one of my favorite animes of all time

>that ending
>dem feels
>dat sympathetic main villian to a degree
>his bro-tier as fuck minions
I ended up pitying the main villain, and I was pretty satisfied that his plan to fuck money up succeeded.
And the reunion part of the ending was pretty sweet.
It started absolutely amazing, but turned to shit about 5 episodes in, just like everything else GONZO put out in the era.
I've seen /a/ discuss it before, rarely in its own thread though. I guess for people that can get past the shows horrible execution it would be good.

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