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File: Space-Dandy-1.jpg (77.44 KB, 640x360)
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hi, /v/ here

u mad that space dandy is the aoty?

guess what faggots it happened
>m-m-muh kill la kill
>look mom i posted it again


You are not "/v/"
You are just a member of nagi's crew reverse trolling a worthless bad show.
Episode 5 was good, but the rest is crap. Haven't watched ep 7 yet.

KLK is so much better tho
Space Dandy and KLK are my favorite anime this season, but I think KLK is better right now.
Episode 7 was the greatest thing ever. I fucking love me some F-Zero.
In terms of personality, episode 5 was pretty good though, 2nd best for me personally.
Space Dandy has been painfully mediocre so far.
2 good episodes out of 7 just isn't enough.

That said, I'll keep watching as it's entertaining enough and the staff has proven that they can do shit right twice now.
So I saw the first part of the english version of Space Dandy.
holy fuck the OP is so bad, it's like some kind of diluted, watered out shit version of the Cowboy Bebop OP, even has that same progression and ending.

Holy shit this is so bad.

Hm, I only see an english version being out so far of 7. Which I just watched the OP of. See above.
Sub>Dub. Get this in your head if you watch it. Also, go back to your shithole. /v/ likes to talk about it as well.
OP sucks compared to the Jap one, but the song's kinda catchy after a while, so I don't let it bother me. In terms of ED though, I prefer the English one, Jap is way too lax and not catchy enough for my tastes.
Jap version should be out soon, prolly tonight, but I'm content with watching the dub for now, I'm starting to become a big fan of Ian Sinclair.
/a/ has been my shithole since 2004.
You guys joke about not being able to leave. It's not funny after this long any more.

Well looking at the ED now, isn't it just "more of same"?
File: 1263285968931.png (530.50 KB, 640x480)
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Liked it better when it was called Cobra
I am not mad, all I feel is pity for you Dandyfags because your show is so bad
The only thing about this episode wast eh jojo part 4 cat/plant reference.
Sorry. Thought you were OP.

Did you seriously not knew that they had that shitty OP? The reason why don't watch both is because of this exact same reason.
This: >>102192084
Plus there's also the whole "cable broadcast" thing, so they got to cut down on the OP and ED for everything else to squeeze in commercials. I guess they must've thought to try something new instead of using a cut-down OP and ED, but it didn't really work in the end.

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