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I've always felt the ending of both the Manga and Anime, as well as public opinion of the characters, didn't make sense.
1.) Society fucks Tetsuo Shima over
2.) Tetsuo Shima friends continually fuck him over
3.) The Espers bully him and try to kill him
4.) After everyone has purposely applies pressure, Tetsuo, having more patience than anyone in existence, finally has enough and wipes people out.
5.) For eradicating sociopathic bullies, everyone that is essentially pure evil, the apathetic masses, the abusive fake friends, etc... he is seen as the worst villain in human history.
6.) The same fans that critique this Characters development also typically agree that society sucks, people are evil, and many are part of religious sects that believe evil should be ultimately punished.
7.) That seems like a clear case of mass-cognitive dissonance to me.
8.) On top of that, who better to judge the world than one of it's victims?
9.) The only think I can think of is that people in the world, and the viewers, are social divisionists to an extreme core and believe some people are supposed to be bullied while others are not. That people that can defend themselves shouldn't if people really want to hurt them. Sounds like QQ to me.

Please address the content of my comment directly instead of resorting to ad hominem attacks or red herrings.
Please do not start raging on me with pathetic name calling or suggesting that I am a child.
I would prefer to have an answer.
>pathetic name calling
Don't end your post with an ad hominem then, faggot.
That's not an ad hominem

An ad hominem is when people call you a name and then say because they called you a name they don't have to listen your argument.
Calling name calling pathetic isn't that.

There is a term for what you just did
>ad hominem fallacy fallacy
I haven't seen this in a while
how do his friends fuck him over?
and that is also a red herring.

your lack of education and logic is impossible.
I conclude you must be faking this level of ignorance.
They bully him constantly and refuse leave him alone. They try to control him and apply pressure in order to force him to do what they want.
It's essentially what killed him.
His powers grew as a self defense mechanism because people wouldn't leave him alone.
It's pretty clear in the manga.
This isn't me (OP)
But he did use the ad hominem fallacy fallacy
Please don't feed the trolls
This seems like an interesting premise for discussion but your insufferable elitist tone makes it clear that there will be no discussion.

Thanks but no thanks, OP
Quote my "elitist tone" tone please.
It better not be my request for logical discussions only. Asking fore pure maturity isn't "elitist".
He's the bad guy because he's not the one we see the story from the point of view of,
>muh logical discussions
>fallacy fallacy fallacy fallacy fallacy
Fuck off back to leddit
Sir, I would really appreciate if you stopped making implications that I am allegedly from another website.

If you are not mature enough to have a proper, logical, intellectual conversation about the topic at hand than I have no choice but to ask you to leave.
>They bully him constantly and refuse leave him alone.

He just couldn't handle the banter and had an inferiority complex to Kaneda
go to sleep coleman
Nobody is truly bad in Akira. May be only fucking Akira himself (who only appears in the manga)
We can see his face in the movie, he was a beautiful child
You lost me. Though I understand what you're attempting to do you, I gather that you are either not familiar with the locals or you really are just baiting.
Yeah, those shitty little espers always bothered me.
>hehehe lets try to kill him for no reason!
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Please be trolling.
It's been a while since I've seen it.

I'll go watch it and come back, if this thread is still up I'll tell you what I though
Akira wasn't really a bad kid, he only loses control if one of his friends die (like Takashi). Tetsuo and his scummy aide were the ones running an oppressive empire, Akira just wanted to play with rocks.
File: 1388718086370.jpg (22.20 KB, 344x326)
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>Tetsuo will never see his own forehead
it's called a mirror you fucktard
Why so defensive when stating the obvious.

Tetsuo wasn't really painted as a villain, just a messed up teenager who went out of control. Granted I haven't read all of the manga yet, but the movie treated him sympathetically. Kanada was a jerk and Tetsuo was being fucked over by various circumstances. Akira wasn't a story of black and white, and everyone comes across as flawed.

I thought this was common knowledge. I thought this was one of the reasons the show is praised. I've heard the manga is even more political. It's story grays, not black and white.

So I'm confused by your attitude. You aren't the first person to notice the show isn't black and white, I thought it was common knowledge, so I'm befuddled by your argument
>Hey guys, Tetsuo wasn't evil. Why does no one else see this and insult be for it?
It's been a while since I've last watched Akira, but from what I remember, isn't there some weird metaphor about amoebas, human evolution, and some other weird shit? I never understood those themes, what's up with that?

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