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>pick up a random manga and read it
>girly romance manga
>not into shoujo romances but oh damn this aint half bad
>main guys is a bro and they are getting cute and shit together
>shit happens
>some other guy is introduced (he's some girly ass shy nigga)
>she falls for him on the last translated chapter...

Well fuck it time to check out some other stuff..

>random another romance after a couple duds
>main dude is a bro again
>oh shit a shy ass nigga is introduced! watch out man he's gonna steal your wife
>shit happens
>she falls for the shy beta bitch on the last translated chapter.
>....... fuck

a couple weeks later

>shy nigga intro
>shit happens
>shy beta gets da girl on the last translated chapter...

I'm starting to feel a pattern here /a/. Every time I marathon a girly ass manga it's usually at night too. I spend the entire night reading only to reach the point of beta and no releases. H-help me! It's starting to physical hurt!
You know how a lot of shonen started having fujoshit type fanservice because they realized lots of girls were reading/watching the stuff as well?

I'm thinking it's the same sort of thing: the people who make shoujo manga have figured out a lot of their sales are actually coming from shy beta type males.
You should stop at the romance part.
>pick up a random manga and read it
>gormet detective solves mysteries
>it's delicious
maybe stop reading romance
Read Yamada kun to 7 nin no majo.
>crossing the demographic streams

oh god why
What manga are you referring to?

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