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>tfw when 7th shichibukai is Gin
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It's a sound theory, he fucking loves not ignoring little details and bringing people back.
I remember when the anime showed Kite's introduction. All the mangafags were criticising the anime team for changing Kite's and Gon's first meet, and how the anime version wouldn't make sense that Gon freaks out so much.

At the time, I thought it was just /a/ being autists, but now I have to agree. It really DOESN'T make sense for Gon to freak out THIS much over Kite being taken. It's completely inconsistent with his character.
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Oda confirmed the 7th ages ago.
I havent seen this guy in a while

if he ever makes a comeback he needs some serious powerups
It's Sabo. Luffy just didn't know it. Everyone in his crew did but they didn't know Luffy's past with him so they never mentioned him.

Lol, That guys keep coming back is
Anon, it's only 8 in the morning. Stop drinking.
This is my top bet atm. Bonney is another option since it would make sense for Akainu to keep her on a leash like that if she turns out to be as integral to the story as some theories suggest. And then there's the one-in-a-million, please-god-if-you-exist-let-this-happen shot of this guy >>102190054 being it
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He's the last surviving samurai of course it's him.

But I think he did it just to impress his wife, he has no motivation to rule the seas.

trying to write

>That guys keep coming back isn't it

but ended submitting it before reading.

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