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I finished watching the anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and enoyed it a lot. I then decided to read the light novel to get as much out of the series as I could; however the problem I now encounter is that I'm only able to find English translations up to chapter 3 of volume 5 (courtesy of Baka-Tsuki). After searching for a while now, I've been unable to find anywhere else that has English translations of the novel. Obviously my question is: Does anyone at all know where to find the rest of volume 5 and onwards into English?
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Learn Japanese?
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No need to read it as best girl doesn't get as much focus as she did in the anime.
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I'd just like to finish the novel for the sake of closure.
If you just want closure, there's a blog post that summarizes the ending. Otherwise, learn Japanese or wait for translations.
I've read the blog that summarizes it but I'd like to physically read the novel to the end myself.
I finished it yesterday aswell, last two episodes were awful, anime should've ended with a kissu when the MC found mashiro at the train station

What were the sales like? Any chance on a second season? Seeing as they threw two new characters into the story in the last ten goddamn minutes
better get started on learning Japanese XD
I also feel like the anime should've ended with a kiss but maybe they were leaving it open to a second season. I'm not too sure about the sales, however there is a petition for a second season that you can (it's more like a survey to see interest in a second season.)

The classic example of god tier characters and music in a shit show. Thanks a lot Okada sensei.
>better get started on learning Japanese XD
o.O But there ere too many kanji, how is it even possiple to learn them all?
Blame goes to director this time. Okada just adapted.
Don't bother.

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