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This is gonna sound kinda autistic but do any of you guy's ever get a jealous or depressing feeling when you watch a romance/harem anime or when a another character kisses your waifu?I'm just asking because ive been getting this feeling alot lately but only with anime and manga.
I used to but then I cured myself of autism
I just watch shounen stuff when that happens.
You're probably gonna get some shit from bored idiots but really you're better off being true to yourself and not beating yourself up over it. It's something that goes on within you and won't affect your relationships or interactions with others so you can just embrace it.
Although the more emotionally vacant you act and the more insignificant labels you use to deride people the less you'll get made fun of on /a/.
That's why I hate hentai with faceless males. It's either canon couples or yuri for me.
I was just wondering if anybody else got the same feeling besides it's a anonymous image board so I don't give a fuck
I have from time to time, but only in Video games where the my favorite girl ends up with someone else.
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Ricardo López would agree with you, if Bjork was 2D, of course.

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No, but I can see how it would happen.
>kisses your waifu?
>ive been getting this feeling alot lately

So is there multiple series that have your waifu or are you completely bastardising the term?

Also nice blogthread faggot.
Fuck off to /r9k/
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>being this mean
never, since i'm not /u/rine
It's a completely natural reaction, a side effect of escapism. You will come across it very often, more when the immersion is high.

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