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Am I alone in hating the ending to Oreimo? I literally just finished watching it, and they literally could have done ANYTHING else and it would have been great.
No you arent. We have had thousands of threads like this and we dont need another. Let this piece of shit die.
Well if I may, I find /a/ to be an impenetrable fortress of lolopinions so I never go on this board. I would be glad to read said lolopinions on this anime however.
So read >>102179546

I hated it too OP
Just read the pastebin
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The anime did a shit job at telling the story.
That's why we have two pastebins.
Fine go to bed then Kyle
If you're confused, unsatisfied, mad or whatever about the ending, read the pastebin. That's assuming you weren't an idiotic shipper of a girl that never had a chance.

The anime was shit adapted by Kuronekofags and I wish I was making this up. There's a massive amount of bias and changes to characters and events are made all throughout. There's around a third of the series that wasn't covered as well including one of the most important volumes in the series. It's shit that should either only be watched for select scenes or simply as a hook to get you reading.
He said "just finished." Also, Kyle's probably watching Naruto.
This is a reminder that Ruri Gokou is the the BEST in my little SisTEr can't Be this cute, and a miracle of the universe because she is a genius, loyal, unselfish, witty, brutally honest, funny, talented, a great sister and a great friend.
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>he thinks they broke up at the end

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