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File: Pannickuu.jpg (48.05 KB, 344x341)
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48.05 KB JPG
So... This got pretty Satanic, pretty damn quick.

Still, finally finished this beast, and was satisfied.
File: valkyrie2.jpg (114.19 KB, 770x600)
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114.19 KB JPG
Valkyrie is my waifu.
File: Cupid.jpg (158.43 KB, 799x599)
158.43 KB
158.43 KB JPG

Not Cupid?
Cupid is too naughty.

I want to cuddle with Valkyrie as she looks at me with those disapproving eyes and blushes a bit.
File: Moepromestein2.png (544.31 KB, 800x600)
544.31 KB
544.31 KB PNG
moestein > anyone else
She also did nothing wrong

She'd probably dissect you first, /a/non.
Why? She knows more of human anatomy than anyone else. So there would be no need to dissect anyone anymore.
File: 1385889430316.gif (219.72 KB, 360x270)
219.72 KB
219.72 KB GIF
I just wanted to save her.
File: Moe.png (542.84 KB, 800x600)
542.84 KB
542.84 KB PNG

Vegetables are good for you..

Well, if Angel Halo was used...

Not to mention the 'gift'.
I was really sad when she saved Luka's life at the end.

Dammit Ilias. ;_;
File: they think im ded.jpg (194.94 KB, 1441x1600)
194.94 KB
194.94 KB JPG
She had a twisted mind but in the end she always wanted to do good things.

Angel Halo doesn't kill, especially not angelic beings
File: 1316506432580.jpg (10.72 KB, 174x216)
10.72 KB
10.72 KB JPG
>2 of the only 3 good angels in this game
>Post game scene
>BOTH of them want to see me
>Oh fuck ye-
>Surprise! it's a "prostate orgasm" scene
>my flaccid dick when cupid's prodding

Angels being the shittiest monsters to the very fucking end
File: you call that a daystar.jpg (226.23 KB, 824x1018)
226.23 KB
226.23 KB JPG
Ilias is living inside of Luka's body and will be reborn as one oh his children. Her body at death had already fused with monster genes so she won't get outright rejected by Alice's magic.
>not liking prostate orgasm
>not focusing on Valkyrie's godly paizuri


>>Hilarious fucking title

I'm thinking it's going to be an Uub situation.

Shit's boring.
Just slightly above hand/foot jobs
Well I'm all in for a cute good loli Ilias daughteru.
???'?? ????????
File: Spoiler Image (154.23 KB, 801x600)
154.23 KB
154.23 KB JPG
>play mgq3 as fast as possible just to get to pic related
>she turns into yet another hideous tentacle monster

All of my rage.

Sure thing, Lucifina
I know.
Eden was so fine in human form.

Most angels were made to kill my boner.
>human form

Her normal form. I wish her rape scene had been in it.

Instead we got Garden of Tentacles.
favorite artist

They were so cute I couldn't help dying multiple times..
Since this is monstergirls, a scenario I thought up, because I was bored.

>Darling is on a date with one of the main 6 girls.
>They're walking home late at night through a park or something.
>Girl with him says she wants to get a drink over at the water fountain.
>Darling says he'll wait for them.
>Said girl gets drink.
>Turns around and sees Darling has been stabbed by a crack head who demanded his money.
>They see Darling get a knife pulled out of his chest.
>Blood spurting out.
>He drops to his knees and falls to his side.
>Attacker begins to run away.

How does each girl react and/or snap?

Who goes after the attack with rage in their eyes?

Who goes to help Darling with a look of horror on their face?
Blowjob imp > Paizuri imp > Handjob imp
Their eyes were so wonderful.
Rumi a best.
>Blowjob Imp
>Boobjob Imp
>Handjob Imp

We need a 4th imp that does footjobs.
File: Tamamomoonlight.png (51.50 KB, 297x203)
51.50 KB
51.50 KB PNG
>no more Tamamo short stories
Life is suffering

The fluffy tails live on in your heart, my friend.

Also, the creator is doing a new one with the 6 ancestors, so there's that.
File: smile.png (70.36 KB, 216x228)
70.36 KB
70.36 KB PNG
This smile does things to my heart.

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