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This shit is objectively bad, I don't get it, why do you like shonen so much? It's a fucking parody of itself, it's the lower denominator of manga, it's the manga equivalent of cape comics.

>shitting on cape comics

wow you hit the hat trick on shitposting

well done
File: 1391141988667.jpg (97.14 KB, 576x461)
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>2edgy4me stereotypical characters
>token kawaii desu desu to appeal to the virgin neckbeards at 1:56
>machina deus ex
>thinks cape comics are good

Of course other faggots will just sage the thread for "shitposting", /a/ is the shittest board for a reason.
Jontron is mai waifu.
It's just something you don't watch with your mind turned on. Even then it's still not as entertaining.
Yes /a/ is terrible so you should never come here ever. Get away quick before you become gay like us.
you're right, what do you want us to do?
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Life is much better if you can appreciate everything.
I know the word autism gets thrown around here constantly, but I think you actually might have it. I don't even mean this as an insult, I am genuinely concerned for you anon.

That being said anyone on this board who isn't underage, new, cancer or a crossboarder already has wide enough taste in anime to enjoy various genres and types of series, including shounen. It's cheap disposable entertainment. What's not to like?
This. Taking any side in one of these debates is a sure sign of cancer.
File: 1296959392107.jpg (104.11 KB, 636x542)
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Then what should I like?
I hate him but I still watch his videos because he's funny.
>3D is acceptable
This version of this show is way better.
Hello /v/ what are you doing here?

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