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So I hadn't noticed this show until recently, and I was wondering if it was any good? Seems a wee bit generic.
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It's ok for a light novel adaption and feels more like bleach. fluffy tail got me into watching it. I don't know, it's rather generic but does some things well. Fightan here, romance/misunderstandings there all set to the backdrop of ancient political and family intrigues.
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It's great. Specially If you like fluffy tails and old people being strong.
adults actually being better at the job when the main clique is a bunch of highschoolers with powers certainly is nice
It's not apparent at first but this is old people being strong the series. They are the ones who have the truly high level battles in the latter half of the series. Main problem with the kids is experience. Even Suzuka despite being a first class onmyouji lacks experience in comparison to other first class onmyouji.
>"The first part developed Harutora's character. >The second parts turns to Natsume's >character, and has her move the story.
>This "Main Character Shift" was something that >had been planned since the early stages of the >plot. For this to work, during the first part, the >psychological depiction of Natsume's character >had been done moderately and kept to a >minimum whenever her point of view was the >focus. Was it during volume 8? The time >Natsume had to express her feelings frankly.
>Then, during the second part, the nature of >their relationship was reversed.
>Right now, for Natsume, Harutora is a >mysterious figure. Yet at the same time, he's >also her irreplaceable childhood friend. What >kind of man is the Harutora she's chasing after >that Natsume will be facing? I'd be happy, if >you watch over what fate has in store for them >along with the author."
>greentext >failure

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