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Hey /a/, thought I'd start a trap/genderbend thread.
I read through quite a few manga's on these subjects and the majority of them are shit (are we really surprised?). The cream of the crop for trap stories would have to be Prunus girl. For gender benders I'd go with Blue drop. There are some up and comers that could very well claim the #1 spot for the their(they're, there) respective genre's (I'm looking at you boku girl, boku wa mari)

Prunus girl doesn't try to fuck around and fill its plot with non compelling drama, and most of the time its art isn't QUALITY. Its just a fun romantic comedy.

I challenge anyone to say differently about it being the best trap manga.

blue drop just has the best feet

dont talk to me about scans, this isn't Berserk. the bar still isn't that high for these genre's yet (especially trap).
>the their(they're, there)
I seriously hope English isn't your first language.
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The art for both these is pretty cute
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no bra is good, I'm not particularly partial to the angular art style though
currently reading bokura no hentai, it's cute, but also sad and serious.
im liking it.
Sundome was a cool trap manga too.
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