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File: azumanga-daioh.jpg (178.02 KB, 400x319)
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I ask this often but the question bears repeating.

Did Azumanga daioh do more harm than good to the industry?
Did Urusei Yatsura do more harm than good to the industry?

But Urusei Yatsura didn't

Ace wo Nerae
Rose of Versailles

Creamy Mami
Dirty Pair
High School Kimengumi

Oh my God. I still don't see what you are getting at.
>Created the harem genre with Urusei Yatsura
>Created the misunderstandings trope with Maison Ikkoku
>Created a generation of terrible weeaboos with Ranma 1/2
>Created another generation of terrible weeaboos with Inuyasha
>Is the richest woman in Japan but not married? Possible homosexual
>refuses to make anything that stands out after Inuyasha

It's like everything she does breeds a new strain of cancer. Shocking for me because she only makes the same series of self-interested assholes in a goofy gimmick who fall madly in love but don't admit it over and over and over again.
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>the industry

>Possible homosexual

Come out already, Rumi-Sensei. We know how much you like tits. We know how much you like female gender bending. We get the picture. You're gay. Just get it over with already.

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