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Have you convinced anyone in your family to watch anime?

Somehow I got my parents to watch this subbed tv show (by watching it with them). We finished the first season a couple minutes ago.

Though it's one of my favorites, they didn't care for how it ended. To build suspense I liked about there not being a second season and revealed that there was after we finished the show. You think I should get them to watch season 2?
(Re)watching anime is more fun if you get someone to watch it with you.

Surely you don't all watch alone entirely, right?
If they want to I guess? Shit OP, we don't know your parents.
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I've been getting my niece into anime for years. I started with some Miyazaki when she was small and have been introducing more as she grew.
>I'll watch TV with my mom when I visit as a way to spend time together without having to actually talk to each other.
>Over Christmas I wanted to rewatch K-on! and I figured it's the type of simplistic enjoyment stuff that she would enjoy since you don't really have to think about it to 'get' it.
>2 episodes in she quit and said Yui was "just stupid."
>Y-yeah, but in a kinda cute-stupid way.
>No, just stupid-stupid. It's not even funny.
>Inform her that she has shit taste
>she says maybe she'll try another episode later
>don't bring it up again because I'm too invested to hear it getting bashed by my family

I hate that my entire family are basically the definition of normal.
Not your blog.
Your mom was right, though.
Your mom knows what's up, neckbeard.
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>tfw I watched all of the first season of Haruhi with my friend
>tfw we laughed like crazy during a lot of it
>tfw stayed up all night watching it
>tfw this was years ago
>tfw no one to watch anime with anymore
The next day she watched Snow Buddies and said that was a much better example of cuteness and humor.

Also, implying I don't prefer the other K-ons for not being retarded at all.
When I was still in Elementary school, my dad and I would watch .hack//SIGN, Inuyasha, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Witch Hunter Robin and GitS:SAC together.

we didn't do that after I started watching subbed, but after we did some stuff together, he asked for some shows and I gave him the following.

Macross Frontier
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
The World God Only Knows
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon S1
Valvrave the Liberator S1/S2
Senki Zesshou Symphogear

He has also shown interest in the dubs for Madoka, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? and asked me if Queen's Blade is worth watching.
I got my sister and cousin into anime. Started them off with Death Note and Code Geass and they got hooked. Unfortunately now my sister is now a nut for Hetalia, but I'm gonna make her watch Evangelion in a couple of years.
No. My parents don't want in on it (I'm kind of glad) and my two friends were already into anime when I met them.
Most I accomplished really was DBZ, "Case Closed", and Bebop with my older brother way back. I guess I watched more shows with my little brother but I didn't pick those.
Was it me ?
I watched all of legend of the galactic heroes with my little sister.
I watched Higurashi with my brother and cousins. I'm pretty sure they thought it was really stupid at first, but they soon changed their minds.
I know a guy who still watch animu, but i can't get myself to watch anime with someone else anymore, i guess i grow old. I need to be alone with no one fucking around my house to really enjoy watching anime or doing wathever i want. Or maybe their power level is just shit so i don't feel well watching with them

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