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Why do people compare it to things like Faust and Dark Souls? It seems like a cute magic girl anime to me.

Maybe it's because of the weapons and magic usage?
Watch it anyways. If you didn't start already, go watch the trailer first. Don't quit until episode 3-4 at least. There's a reason why it got so popular.
>Why do people compare it to things like Faust and Dark Souls?
People do this? That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard.
There's a ton of yuri-on-yuri fucking, that's why it's so popular.
They put so much effort into trailers and previews, but if you actually sat down to watch any of it, you'd just see Madoka plowing Homura's desperate hole 16 times in a row (for example).
The script was based off of that play, so why would it be?
>Dark Souls

Execpt that it actually isn't. The Urobutcher said he was inspired by that, and even if we accept that, it's mostly a a "I like the idea that the cute mascot is a somewhat devil-ish companion to the magical girl squad".

There is nothing more. MAYBE Gretchen's fate has some parallels with Sayaka, but it's a long shot.

Read it, btw, it's fame is more than earned.

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