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Sup, /a/ I am not a frequent anime watcher, but anyway I have these on my to-watch list, which one should I start with? I am open to all genres.
>Cowboy Bebop
>Elfen Lied
>Gurren Lagann
>The Tatami Galaxy
Fuck off.
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Legend of the Blue Wolves.
If you're going to watch them all anyway,, then just pick one at random and watch it.
Baccano is personally my favorite on that list though, then maybe gurren laggan.
I'll probably watch Baccano. Thanks, anon.
How is it trolling if he is literally telling you to fuck off?
/a/ are dicks, start with cowboy bebop, you could get hit by a truck tomorrow, so you should start with the best one.
This board, supposedly, is for discussing anime-related stuff and exchanging opinions. But he just had to show off the immature cunt he is.
'Fuck off haha i such a troller xDDD i am very superior haha lol'
I heard the entire soundtrack, it was amazing.
Watch these first:

Attack on Titan
Kill la Kill

There. Best animes you can watch and they lot better than thos animes on your list.
Flip a coin. Do it from the order you've given, do it alphabetically. Why would I give a shit?
Be sure to watch Baccano! twice. It gets better the second viewing, when you are used to the time skips.
I'd say the best title on that list is Steins;Gate, but Clannad is probably better to watch if you don't watch a lot of anime.
Watched Attack on Titan, it was very intense at first, then kinda boring, and when it hit its peak of awesomeness it stopped. Let's hope it wasn't advocating to the manga like Deadman Wonderland
Go to reddit or MAL if you feel that way.
watch an episode of each every day.
It was probably a bad idea to come to /a/. I will delete the thread anyways. Enjoy your shitty board.
Good luck with that, dipshit.

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