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Can someone explain to me the mindset behind Harem anime?

As I understand it, basically there is a male protagonist who is supposed to be you in a fantasy world (ie shy, geeky, surrounded by beautiful women). Then there are all the women that surround him, who are supposed to be objects of your/his desire.

Instead, though, you choose a "waifu" and live vicariously through this "waifu". If she "loses" the anime and doesn't win the love of the protagonist you are upset. So instead of living vicariously through the protagonist you live vicariously through the Harem girls.

Essentially, it's made for people who want to be little girls? Or is it not, and you just interpret it that way? What the fuck.
Safe anime.
They rarely sell a shitload, but rarely sell awfully.

In terms of taste? It's shitty shit smelling shit.
/a/ has been especially stupid this week, I swear theres a new influx of people that can't understand anything, from basic reading comprehension, to stuff like this.

I'll humor you though, and tell you that you're right up to the part where you say people get mad that their waifu didn't win because they've been living through her.
They're mad because the MC who is the person they've been living though didn't get the girl they wanted him to.
I can't believe I had to explain something so simple to you. Please, please tell me you're clinically retarded.
You want to make a romance anime
You want to design a bunch of different cute girls
You don't give a shit about the man at the center of the harem because he is not a cute girl

Harem anime
Harem anime/manga can work, but it really comes down to the story and what's done with it. If it's some generic cash grab, then it's probably going to be shit, but there are some good ones. The recent 4 girlfriends one comes to mind, where protag's freaking out over dealing with all the women around him.
If you don't like that, what about other type of romance manga, maybe not as lighthearted, but with a bit more realistic. Comes to my mind something like a girl by the sea or maison ikkoku and most seinen handles the issue better.
>inb4 I'm faggot

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