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So I was dicking around online, and I saw fujoshit getting mad at another dude for having the same husbando. Like full-on rage. I checked out her page and she said she had 27 HUSBANDOS. 27 OF THEM. People like that are disgusting.
>implying waifu hoarders aren't shit
also weeaboo fuckery general
Getting mad over trivial shit like that is the ultimate representation of autism.
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I hate Guys who don't genuinely love their Waifu. They just pick a girl they finds attractive and say they are their waifu to fit in on /a/
I know what you mean m8, but remember waifus were just a joke in the first place. Don't take other people's actions seriously.
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Well I decided on a harem that is added to but I only have the one waifu. My waifu is pure and she is the only one I could ever love.

Genuinely feel as if I'd be let down if I ever got a 3DPD and she wasn't perfect like my waifu is.

Although, the day I get a 3DPD is the day I leave /a/. (Like anyone else who has a 3DPD. If you have one you're not welcome here. it is fine if you have a wife and children. You've fucked up too much to undo your mistakes.)
Your waifu is in love with another canon character then again so is mine
It is a crying shame, huh?

I don't want my waifu ever getting as far as being with Hayate. She will take on his 150million yen debt. If he cared for her at all he'd stay well away. but she'd say she'd be fine with it and that they could work it off together. Damn her for being so cute. ;_;
If you love something, let it go anon.
>If you love something, let it go anon.

until it becomes canon that they go out, never. and we all know Hata will never make such a huge plot change like that. Because if we go for any end it'll be a Nagi end. Right at the last chapter.
So what? I have a bunch of husbandos too.
Actually when I think about it I think everyone in my harem is in love with a canon character.

Shirley - Code Geass
Himeko - Sket Dance
Minami - Baka to Test
Hinagiku (top tier waifu.) - Hayate no Gotoku
UOG - NouCome
Laura, Houki and Charlotte - Infinite Stratos
Chihiro, Yui and Ayumi - TWGOK.

Other than perhaps Himeko. But I've only read up to 261 and it's finished now. So who knows how that ends since it's never going to be translated.

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