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File: Space_Dandy_001.jpg (93.93 KB, 800x563)
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you might think this is a huge bait thread. it's not.

i want to watch an anime this season and catch up. all my friends say Kill La Kill is great, but it doesnt look like my style. some of my other friends say Space Dandy is good

which should I watch? I'm not a huge anime guy but things I like are Cromartie, the JoJo mangas, Kaiji, etc.
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Watch everything and decide for yourself like the rest of us do.
i dont think i have time to torrent / watch both. i wish i did

i dont even play videogames rerally
You´re right, it´s not a bait thread.

It´s a reccomendation thread asking for spoonfeeding. That´s still bad.

Go lurk the first 5 pages and then get the fuck out. (to watch a show)
not "both"

You don't have time to download and watch less than an hour of anime?
>i dont think i have time to torrent / watch both
>dont have time to try 2 shows

If you don't have 40-60 minutes to spare, why the fuck are you on /a/?
3 episode rule then. Watch both, if you don't like them after 3 episodes, drop it.
No, everything nigga.
Everything currently airing.
This includes 2+ cour shows like Log Horizon and Space Brothers.

That's what anyone with a brain and a respect for their hobby does. If you can't do that much, you don't belong here, go back to /b/ or wherever the fuck you spawned from.
File: matoi-kill-la-kill.jpg (86.98 KB, 1280x720)
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Kill La Kill is actually good and pretty exciting. Space Dandy has no plot and is a pile of shit. Which do you think sounds better?
File: fuck im dandy.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720)
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You are so mad.

Dont listen to this faggot OP. Space Dandy shits all over kek le kek.
please explain the plot of space dandy over the first 8 episodes. go on, I'm waiting. what great storytelling it must have!
Since when does all anime need to have a consistent storyline to be good?
even cromartie had more continuity between episodes than space shitty. kill la kill is the best anime of the last few months and if you deny that you tastes are bad and your waifu is shit
KLK fags everybody.
Boku no pico
Space dandy is shit literally dropped it first episode m8 KLK is epic.
I love Space Dandy, but I love Imaishi anime too much to put it over KlK

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