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So let me get this straight. in the anime; (i haven't read the manga) when ever they use alchemy it takes lives in "our" world right? as seen in that movie after with their dad?
it's powered by Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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Are you talking Brotherhood or 2003 series here?

Whatever you say, answer is no.

In bortherhood, the energy used in alchemy is taken from the moving continental-crusts beneath the earth. (what happened was that Father was leeching that energy for himself, weakening the overall power of the alchemists in Amesteris).

In the 2003, its probably something similiar, the only difference is that "our" world went the way of Science, not of alchemy.
this is kinda what I thought, I thought the law of equavalent exchange had something to do with one world losing something (lives, energy, something) for other things to happen in their world?

I beleive im talking about the original series? 2003 I guess, I remember there was something that made Ed wary of using alchemy because its power was syphoned from "our" world (the science world)?

Maybe im thinking about the movie you referenced.
also I wasn't talking about which way either reality went. Im talking about the doorway of truth being about equivalent exchange and the alchemists were able to tap into it so it had to balence the scales between our reality and theirs. Something along the lines of lives=energy being used for alchemy? Im pretty sure this was dicovered in the original Anime, and Ed/Alphonse were pretty torn over it? it might have been a plot hole though? im certain it was a major part in the last dozen episodes...
Well, it may be that I'm wrong, but say that our world CANNOT use alchemy because the FMA world takes it, would make sense, but then again, it wouldn't make sense why they can't use their own energy, halfening it

It's been a while since I watched it tho, so I don't remember.
Also, I hope you are aware that the original 2003 series aren't based on the manga (except the start) so you will have to deal with plotholes.
That's not canon to the manga, it's something Bones invented to end the story, so it's no surprise it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

In Brotherhood, alchemy is performed using the energy of the world. There are two different traditions, one taught by Father, the other taught by Hohenheim. I don't know which of them has the "true" alchemy that was used in Xerxes, or if neither of them does, both developing their own style for their own purposes. Father seems like he pretty deliberately spread a style of alchemy that he could control via his underground network of philosopher stone tubes. The Amestrians say they harness the energy in the earth's mantel below the continental plate for power, but given this was something taught by Father I'm not sure how much of it is accurate, since Mei Chang said it didn't sound right to her.

In Xing they practice a form of alchemy taught by Hohenheim that uses the principles of feng sui and chi to transfer and transform energy.

If I had to crudely simplify the different styles, it would be that Amestrian alchemy draws power from the world as a source then uses it as fuel for their transmutations, while Xingese alchemy redirects energy near the surface of the world to serve their purpose, sort of like Aikido's principle of redirecting force rather than meeting force with force.
The manga/Brotherhoold storyline came first. 2003 is "canon" fanfic.
makes sense
By original we mean "the first anime" adaption.

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