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So /a/.

Just finished Akagi. To be honest, it sucked. It was horribly drawn out and the last game lasted way too long and was without enough mindfucks. The best game of the show was the Akagi vs Urabe game. All the others were horrible. The blind man game was just utter shit, the first game was alright, but too much "This kid...".

It wouldn't have been so bad if maybe they actually finished the last game instead of saying "Oh blah blah you're dead due to blood loss, [insert lightening] 40 years later" Then you see a 65 year old Akagi walking. What the fuck? How about you complete the fucking story? I'm not gonna read a shitty manga.

tl;dr: Shit anime was shit.
What's the matter, not Clannad enough for you?

Go back to watching Hayate.
Your taste is shit.
Even though you have a point re: drawn out last battle, you're wrong.

Your post is bad and you should feel bad.
Akagi was so boring. It was cool for the first couple episodes but then it got to the point where you would start to skip through during the games. The voice actor for Akagi was boring and emotionless. Not to mention there were no girls in this whole anime.
Akagi is overrated shit with a Gary Stue character and no tension at all.
how do you have a chin but no jawbone?
Even if I don't put Akagi in such a high pedestal like most of /a/, your reasons for not liking it are utterly retarded, which leads me to believe that YOU are retarded.
Lawl @ people replying to copypasta. Sage for shit thread.
The game lasted about 10 episodes. Thats way too much compared to the others.
The manga hasn't even finished the Washizu arc yet.
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I agree. The only reason it's so popular is because people on here are used to Lucky Star.
/a/ only makes it seem so good to fire back at the shounenfags. No one in their right mind would honestly say "Akagi was fucking amazing!".
It finished a year before Lucky Star did
Lawl @ Dumb anon who thinks this is a pasta, even though I made it out of thin air after watching the last episode.

Also, "Lawl"? Gtfo faget.
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>Not to mention there were no girls in this whole anime.

Blew your cover, newfag. Get the fuck out.
akagi was an awesome character stuck in a mediocre show.
This is why I want the third series of Kaiji to be animated.
I'd like to see this girl you're referring to. I just watched the whole fucking series in 2 days. I never saw one girl. Besides, the fucking ugly character design would make me wanna poke my eyes out.
>It was horribly drawn
Don't watch an anime like that for looking nice and it has it's own drawing style.

>It was horribly drawn out and the last game lasted way too long
I agree. The first arcs where good had reasonably appropriately length. The last arc just imploded the anime for me, would have been much better to split that final arc into 2 shorter arcs and add new content. It ended up dragging on to the point of stupidity where there was no suspense and almost no point in watching the episode, really took the shine off what was up till that arc a very good anime.

>The blind man game was just utter shit
Thought it was generally good maybe not the best moments of the show but good none the less.
Your spelling and grammar is shit.
>Gtfo faget
Way to go OP.
I agree. Akagi was a pretty cool guy. eh plays mahjong and dousn't afraid of anything.
I agree with about everything you said except badly drawn.

>Not to mention there were no girls in this whole anime.

You were doing good until here. Anyways, Akagi was full of mindfucks and awesome. Anyone who says any different is either faggot or a troll. Quite possibly both.
File: 1205450864764.png (210 KB, 1423x559)
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so i herd akagi was made of fail
File: 1205450872964.jpg (77 KB, 1024x576)
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>No one in their right mind would honestly say "Akagi was fucking amazing!".

Everybody in this thread is a goddamn daytime /a/ shounenfag and needs to kill themselves. Thanks /a/.
File: 1205450888553.gif (59 KB, 400x1681)
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>"Oh blah blah you're dead due to blood loss, [insert lightening] 40 years later" Then you see a 65 year old Akagi walking. What the fuck?

Akagi's blood is magical. Bad things will happen if a normal person gets touched by it.

File: 1205450927786.gif (52 KB, 400x1821)
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It seems you didn't sense the posts true intention. That of course, would be mocking you.
File: 1205450945267.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
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Not entirely correct
File: 1205450966407.png (63 KB, 1024x366)
63 KB
File: 1205450988015.png (17 KB, 1024x361)
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File: 1205451014138.png (208 KB, 1024x1133)
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Akagi sucked.
File: 1205451042518.png (89 KB, 1024x611)
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So Akagi was a shitty anime because some faggot sucks at predicting post numbers? When the fuck does daytime /a/ end?
Daytime /a/ shines again!
No one likes Akagi. They just pretend to

The predictions were correct. He just edited the number like a fag.
File: 1205451286225.jpg (98 KB, 700x674)
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OP Here, I'm from the nighttime crew. I finished Akagi early today and was so pissed off that I decided to post. I will post this again tonight in order to get valid reasons to why Akagi is seemingly good to some.

Do you know reach mahjong?

No, they weren't correct. Akagi failed.
obvious troll
>40 posts and 11 image replies omitted.

I'd say 6/10. Awesome job OP!
ITT as in 90% /a/ threads: if you don't have the exact same taste as me, you suck and you are a loser, because I am in the human race anime masters' pantheon.
Predicting numbers is the shittiest forced meme ever.

Fuck off the lot of you.
lol wut?
File: 1205451643937.png (104 KB, 260x382)
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104 KB PNG
this thread is a chair
File: 1205451815106.jpg (125 KB, 890x497)
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I wasn't implying that there was a girl, jackass. There are no women in Akagi because it is a seinen series that takes itself seriously, when the Anon who I was talking to was giving the bullshit reasoning for running his mouth is that he couldn't masturbate to it, thus miss the entire point and proving that daytime /a/ is full of shounenfag failure with terrible taste.
You're probably a GLfag, which also makes you a hypocrite. Akagi is shit. I wasn't gonna "fap" to any girls in Akagi, mainly because of the shit character design, and the other reason is because it's not like I could actually get a hard on while watching an anime thats based on a kid playing some shitty Japanese game.
File: 1185318480953.jpg (8 KB, 193x169)
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File: troll.jpg (249 KB, 732x838)
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Lesson 1. Notice the troll

>shit character design
>kid playing some shitty Japanese game.

Yeah. Pretty fucking hard...

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