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...About love and all that. It\'s not so easy, you know. All of the sudden you meet this special someone and before you even know it you\'ve fallen head over heels for just another beautiful stranger that you happened cross paths with. It’s all so chaotical, you know, so random and yet so meaningful. Like the whole world has been literally turned upside down in a split second. You thought, no, actually you very certain that you were hostility ridden Yin for life, but suddenly the feeling changes you into Yang that Yin gives birth to and all you can do is to scrutinise as the strange itch takes over you stomach, lungs and eventually your whole torso, arms, legs, all that jazz. That’s how it is. There’s no way around it. I mean, you knew that this little affair is destined to be a total train wreck from the very beginning and all you can do is to follow the path of Shiva ´till the bitter weepy end. You knew, she was way above your standards. She’s the blondino type that all of the guys in the class drool over.
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You’re the shortest person in the class that anyone would barely notice without the constant email abuse. She’s all self-confident and outgoing. You can’t communicate a single word without your precious celly. And still somehow she noticed you. She could see though your hateful e-mailed insults like they were nothing and after a while you start having these long conversations about Japanese legislation system. Few weeks and you’re regularly hanging out after school. Couple of months pass and you’re doing sleep over on weekends. Both of you knowing that this isn’t just the ordinary friendship thingy going on between you two and it’s starting to get pretty awkward, but neither of you doesn’t have the guts to bring up the subject. Until out of the blue she kisses you like nothing. As always you were doing you daily rant about the mobile phone companies and their rip off prices and then BANG! Her moist lips pressing hard against yours and all you can do is to retaliate with full force as the panic kicks in.
wheres my Komori thread?
Lol SZS fanfiction.
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933 bytes GIF
Aw crap, I typo\'d once or twice back there.

Anyways, love has a grammar of it\'s own so that\'s not too important.
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You could always drop a comment, if you like. This thing did not type itself out on its own, you know.

I got so excited while writing it that I dediced to skip the spellcheck and post it right away.
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Yer much more tolerable without the trip, y'know?

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