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Hey I decided to watch Naruto because it is very popular but at the same time it is hated by many (on /a/). I watched the first episode and it looks very interesting, the setting and the ninja's and stuff. Can anyone tell me why everyone hates this anime or likes it? It has over 200 episodes and that is a bit too much for me, but I am very curious to Naruto. If it becomes good I will watch it, but if it becomes crappy after 30 episodes it is a waste of my time.
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here's the reason
I like it.
Most everyone likes it.
/a/ hates it.
That's about it.
Go enjoy it, don't follow /a/'s faggot logic
It's really deep and emotional but it's also filled with tons of action.
It's glorious just keep watching and you'll see it for yourself.
You should go and watch KlK, it's like Naruto but it's a bit more awesome.
it gets good except at the end where they throw in 50 fillers about nothing
Why is he wearing makeup?
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>not knowing about sage mode
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Off by 2? Not even baka tier.
Fake cirno please go
check em
>can't spot obvious sarcasm
Most of its fans are obnoxious and disgusting.

Its pacing is incredibly slow and its animation is very poor. Visual style, character designs, and sound design are likewise low-quality. The story is even worse.

You can watch it if you want to make your own judgements, but keep it to yourself and don't talk about it unless you want to make a fool of yourself.
Like it if you want, but don't live under the illusion that it is in any way good. Or even mediocre.
File: HehSomeList.jpg (65.13 KB, 1280x720)
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You can just skip them.
look up what are fillers and just bypass them.
Hahaa oh wow, ok
Thanks, I thought lots of people hated it and I was wondering for what reason. The first episode seems very promising.

I heard about that...can I skip those episodes?
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Let me show you faggots how it's done.
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File: SadAsShit.jpg (19.28 KB, 500x250)
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they're doing it again
File: 8I.jpg (51.44 KB, 402x584)
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And fuck you.
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it becomes absolute trash after the first couple arcs, and shippuden (or whatever the fuck its called) is the worst thing ever made. Save your time and watch something that isn't shit.
Some people will tell you (faggots from reddit facebook tumblr /b/ or a mixture of the 4) that its "actually not that bad". Don't listen to them, unless you wan't to waste literal days viewing a clusterfuck of story telling, homosexual romantic triangles with the worst girl, shitty main character who only uses one of his abilities, so many COMPLEX TWISTS in the shallow story, horribly retarded battle scenes, even more retarded "emotional speeches" from the dumb fuck main character, and a mind numbing amount of filler. If you like that, go ahead, knock yourself out, but don't post about this fucking awful piece of shit here.
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Is anyone SERIOUSLY recommending Naruto in this thread?
This can't be real.
This can't be happening.
Please tell me you're all trolling.
File: 1391593601827.jpg (79.20 KB, 315x367)
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Hey you,

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"Fuck off Magumbo" you say and you shoo him away with your stick, promptly taking a shit on your floor, covering it in dirt and using the shit to fill up the hole.

9 months later, a nigger punches a hole in your wall again. It's the same nigger. This time he starts screaming about how the goat is having his child. Irritated, but intrigued you follow Magumbo through shit filled streets to the small farm. A group of about 20 other niggers are crowded in a circle. You move through a few of them to find a fucking abomination of a creature. A 4 legged creature that had 2 hands, 2 hooves, a human face, goat fur and a tiny tail. You stare at the creature before you and cannot comprehend what the fuck you are looking at exactly because you're a nigger. You fix your stare on Magumbo, who is proudly poking his chest out and grinning as all the nigresses go ahead and try to give him aids.

"What the fuck Magumbo"

Those are the last words you say before you walk away. As you do so, a cacophony of monkey sounds rile up behind you as the crowd of niggers start kicking the shit out of the abomination
And check em
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>People still read Naruto
I thought that shit ended like 3 years ago.
File: hqdefault.jpg (13.07 KB, 480x360)
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File: dddw.jpg (36.65 KB, 480x640)
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>you can enjoy what you enjoy
>but don't live under the illusion that it is any way good, or even mediocre.
Who are you tipping?

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