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File: spacejam.jpg (414.27 KB, 1920x1080)
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>MC of the Last anime you sawis now the main hero of the last Vidya you played.

How fucked up is he?

Pic Unrelated
>Metal Slug 3
She will be fine.
>playing vidya
>dota 2

tell me more...
Not much different from what she's doing now, really.
>Misato as sniper
would play
I don't know who counts as the MC of Witch craft works takamiya I guess

Last vidya was the original final fantasy

He dies
i-its not like i wanted to peep you or anything
>Monster Hunter 3U.
With strategy, ability to know where things are and some magic I'm sure he's got this.
>Bravely Default

That'd be fun. I'd rather have the four three-stars as my party though.
ryuuko in league of legends... hmm
>Sonic Adventure 2
Gotta go chuuni.

He be fine
>Bravely default

Does she get the labor?
Who is the main character agnes or tiz?

Too many uncertainties sorry.
>Implying they wouldn't be bosses
File: 1392453534320.png (10.18 KB, 381x351)
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10.18 KB PNG
>Ryouma Nagare
>Fire Emblem: Awakening
>The girls from Sakura Trick
>Killing floor

ah fuck
I don't play videogames, you fucking nerd.

Misfortune befalls all of Dust_2 as Ghost Banri wreaks havoc...

i dunno...
>Halo 4
I don't think she would last long.
>Playing GO
> Tada Banri
> Persona 3

>Civ 5
Oh boy... would watch, him raping everybody
Is he in the game?

Would he be then able to alter the game logic and stuff?
>Edward Elric
>Star Wars: Empire at War

What the fuck, how would this even work
>Hyoudou Issei

He's gonna have a good time.
It is Shiroe. If he was in our world we would have been traveling at speeds higher than the that of the light long ago...
Although thinking about the game he doesnt need to change anything he can pwn on his own
>Pokemon X
I think she'll do well
>the witcher
>Tada Banri
>Left 4 Dead
Oh shit oh shit oh shit.
>Dark Souls

Really fucked.
>Dark Flame Master
>Dark Souls
This shouldn't be too bad.
File: 1385128293884.png (1.08 MB, 956x2092)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

He'll be fine.

I rewatched Toradora on Valentine's Day.;_;
Yeah, stop talking about anime characters! Go to /v/ if you want to do that!
I want /v/ to leave
>Hurdur I want to /v/ leave my animu alone. Its not kawwaidesuka

Leave this thread faggots
>no loudred/exploud
File: 1322155652253.png (48.57 KB, 248x172)
48.57 KB
48.57 KB PNG
>no all versions of Porygon
>Risk of Rain

He's got a chance, I suppose.
>Issei(Highschool DxD
>Persona 3
Everything will be k
File: Log Rising.png (437.18 KB, 419x580)
437.18 KB
437.18 KB PNG

He'll do just fine.
She'll just slice the board and the pieces in half.
>7 days to die
nothing really happens in the game so he's fine
File: 1386392203869.jpg (72.92 KB, 661x350)
72.92 KB
72.92 KB JPG
>No Exploud
>No Seviper

>No Infernape

>No Regi Trio

I don't even know what you tried to do.
Well don't blame me, I don't know who even made the image.
>Tales of Xillia

I can't get into the game much, but what ever going on the bad guys are just fucked
>Kino's Journey
>Demon's Souls
She'd be fine, right?

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