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File: Onepunch-man-3797419.jpg (176.14 KB, 676x516)
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Confirmed theme song for the OPM anime.
File: img000034.jpg (74.96 KB, 860x1236)
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Oh thank fuck, I lost my shit when I got to alien ship maze zoom scene because I could actually picture Murata drawing that entire thing.
So what studio is doing this? Sunrise?
File: 1389178762349.jpg (17.33 KB, 597x353)
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Even Murata has limits. If OPM was monthly I can see him doing it.

You mean this one OP ?

File: opmwtf.jpg (1.07 MB, 1720x1236)
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1.07 MB JPG
>reading new chapter
>seeing this page

did he actually draw that?
how bored do you have to be for shit like that?

pic related
Fuck man, the answer is LITERALLY in the second post of the thread, which is the fourth post above yours.
>If OPM was monthly
I thought it was now.
File: Capture.png (353.12 KB, 859x493)
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353.12 KB PNG
This shit is great. Glad I started this.
Is OPM getting an Anime adaption or what?
Nope, once every two weeks, thought the quantity of pages added vary.

Heh, you're in for a ride. Check out the webcomic when you're done with Murata's version.
File: 1379129368013.jpg (58.87 KB, 316x233)
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58.87 KB JPG

Come on nigga.
The song is actually pretty good.
Does this manga get better after the first few chapters?
A bit early for it, no? I mean, there's like 40 something chapters, and he can't even do them weekly...
I'm sorry? What's wrong with it?

>Check out the webcomic
Oh, of course.

Don't know.
Lower quality watermarked images. I mean, especially for OPM and its amazing art you shouldn't be using one of those sites.

Read it on batoto or get it from the scanlator's website.
I just went to Batoto.
Which one should I read:
One Punch Man first, then switch to the Original when it ends.

The first one is a redrawn of the second with a few extras.
Read the original once you've ran out of chapters in the newer version (top one) if you want to spoil it. The art-work isn't as great, but it has the same charm.
Okay thanks guys.
No problem. Just want you to fully enjoy it.
Been a while since I read OPM. Catching up now.
Any more of those amazing gifs? The last one I saw was Genos' lazer.
Oh, yes, yes there are.
mfw murata has pretty much animated a full opening at this point (even if he repeats some scenes)
Who is that Esper loli in love with again? was it OPM or the machine guy?
Nobody, though popular shipping is with Zombieman.

Her little sister is often shipped with Saitama but there's not really a romantic relationship hinted in the webcomic.
Risking to sound like a jaded and bitter hipster but I really hope OPM doesn't get an anime.

I doubt they could do Murata's art justice or would resort to massive CGI use.

And second I'm afraid that with a wider audience and more attention a whole load of certain people could get attracted.
>And second I'm afraid that with a wider audience and more attention a whole load of certain people could get attracted.

> Caring about an anime's fanbase
Why ? Just fucking ignore them.
Murata will just use the anime to become an animator himself, iirc he wants to do animation.
I thought the loli was shipped with King (she's always complimenting him slightly, and he likes them fucked up eroge)

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