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>>Because Anonymous subbing sucks

Yes, because "official fansubbers" are great when they all sub the same show and refuse to skip any episodes that have already been done.

Anonymous, who quickly subs obscure and yet THE BEST shows, apparently sucks.

Faggotry, thousands of it.
most fansubbers = fags.

That was your first problem, your fatal one.

>official fansubbers

That was your second problem, assuming that they have the brain cells to care.

This thread was your third problem, assuming that we would care.
>04/07 25:00 Vampire Knight TV Tokyo Conclave/Diffusion, Shoku-dan, Ureshii, Animanda, Shinsen-subs, Orange-Side Fansubs/VK Scans

I lol'd
anon is awesome
File: 1205446217684.png (48 KB, 237x375)
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Unrelated, but Thorkell has the best expressions ever.
anon is awesome

Your problem is your desire to be all SARCASTIC AND COOL got in the way of your literacy skills there.

Learn to read and interpret or GTFO.
>official fansubbers
Anonymous does it for Anonymous faggotry free
I will always love him
As I said, why would you go to a fansubber wiki page in the first place, why would you care what those idiots think, and why do you think we care that you're raging?

Fansub faggotry is old hat.
Kinda ironic that whenever you mention SENSE AND EFFICIENCE to these Fansub groups, they retaliate with "We're not FAMESUBBERS OMG"

Uhhh, then why do you have your own website and news posts? You want attention, individuality and credit. Obviously.

Surely Anonymous is the only FANSUBBER around, and even then he doesn't do it just because he likes the show - he does it so that everyone else can experience the anime easy and fast.

Anonymous fansubbers ARE THE BEST OF ALL.

As before, your urge to INSULT AND DESTROY obstructs your ability to understand the subject of the thread.
Anonymous is the future of fansubbing - quick, reliable, humble and ONE OF US.
Anonymous subbers are awesome. That's great. We know that.

Fuck, I'd let Spore use me as a bridge over a ravine if he wanted to. He's not exactly anonymous, but he doesn't wank off in people's faces about how obviously awesome he is, either. Lots of anonymous translators do all the manga and anime subbing that these groups miss or don't care about.

But why do I care about the obvious? Fansubbing groups have been cesspools of ego self indulgence for forever. Anonymous subbers have been unsung heroes since forever. If you want to make a thread about that, then make a thread saying "I would suck Spore's cock," and I would agree with it.

Instead, you make something about bitching and moaning from a fansubbing wiki with edits obviously done by fansubbing groups.

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