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So /a/, I'm going on a 4 hour bus ride on Saturday, anyone recommend some good manga I can pick up at a shop to read on the way?
what do you like ?
boku no pico
I'm up for anything but I prefer stuff that's funny, or tries to be funny. I've got the first volumes for Mahoromatic, Rozen Maiden, Shakugan no Shana and Princess Resurrection, any of these worth carrying on with? I thought they were nice enough but with town shops you never know what they'll have in stock.
Negima is pretty good
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Gonna need lots of manga for a 4 hour ride
8 hours there and back.
My favorite manga of all times is Hunter x Hunter, and they do sell it. So my recommendation is obvious.
Funny but 20+ volume: Great teacher Onizuka
Funny/Fucked up in your head : Welcome to the NHK

Fucked up in your head, sex, somewhat ugly yet impressive: Arigatou
I would add Planetes, but it is not especially funny (masterpiece, however).

Haven't read what you did read until now, apologies.
Get the first Twelve Kingdoms light novel. Same price as a manga and it will last you ten times longer.
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Forgot my picture.
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the azu omnibus
all four volumes for under $20
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This man speaks the truth.
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shitty euro cover, american version was superior
Aria any good?
Show how much I pay attention. My copy is sitting right next to me and I never even noticed the difference.
I'm a eurofag and I got the cover in your post.
same as >>10214164

Not Funny:
Psychothriller : Monster (18volumes) and all you can find of Urasawa are real masterpieces, too
Gore/fight/monsters/medieval Shonen : Berserk (40+vol, watch your wallet)
Baaaawness : "Lament of the lamb", "She, The Ultimate Weapon"
Thriller/horror: Goth (1vol)
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Is the second book out yet? I heard it was supposed to be released a couple days ago, but I haven't seen it. It may just be that the bookstore I went to didn't have it.
I ordered mine a week ago and today I got an email that they have sent it together with yubisaki milktea vol7.
Hmm I don't think I've ever seen any light novels in the shops I've been to, are they usually mixed in with the manga?

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