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"Haruki, these last few days, I've gone through some very interesting things. Though you may not know it, there are all sorts of people who are very concerned about you. It's not ridiculous to say that the world literally revolves around you. Everyone believes you are a very special person, and they've tried to back up those beliefs with actions. You may not know it, but the world is headed in a very interesting direction."

As I moved closer, I realized I was still holding his hand, while Haruki looked at me with a face that said, "What's gotten into you?"

And then, he moved his eyes away from me and towards the rampaging blue giants, with a matter-of-fact expression.

Looking at his young and smooth face, I remembered Nagato's "evolution possibility", Asahina-san's "temporal distortion", and Koizumi treating Haruhi as "God". But as for me, what is Haruki to me? Just what do I treat him as?

Haruki is Haruki, what else is there to say? I didn't intend to just answer like that though. Yet, I didn't have a definite answer. I knew it'd come to this, right? If you had pointed at the classmate behind me and asked, "What does he represent to you?" - how do you think I would answer? ......This, I'm sorry. I'm going in circles again! To me, Haruki's not just an ordinary guy, and certainly not any "evolution possibility", "temporal distortion" or even "God".
The giant turned towards the trackfield. She's not supposed to have any eyes, yet I could vividly feel her vision. She took one step in our direction. Her single step was most likely a couple of meters, or she wouldn't have shortened the distance between us so quickly despite walking so slowly!

I got it! Didn't Asahina-san say something about it? That prophecy! And Nagato's last message. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. Please, even I know what Sleeping Beauty means! What is the similarity between these two stories? In our dire situation, the answer was practically shouting out loud.

Man, this is so lame.
I've seen less fail on GameFAQs
It's way too lame! Asahina-san, Nagato. I'll never accept such a development! Never!

My rationality insisted on that. But humans were never a lifeform that relied only on reason to survive. Maybe they needed a bit of what Nagato called "mixed-up data". I let go of Haruki's hand, grabbed his arm, and turned him towards me.

"What now......"

"You know, that hairpiece you wear looks really stupid."


"You'd look a lot more handsome with a headband."

"What're you trying to pull?"

I ignored Haruki's protests and kissed him on the lips... I grabbed his hand and held on tightly, not wanting to let go.

All I did was copypaste the original story and just change anything gender specific.


...should I post a different copypasta? Not OP.

here, now get out of my imageboard.

Go ahead.
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every day in march is kyonko day.

but once april comes, the CG whores shall beat this fad back.
I was about to stop reading at "Haruki" glad I didn't
Today was not a good day for her.

Sure, Suzumiya's antics were fun once in a while- alright, she enjoyed herself a lot in the company of the SOS Dan. But when that damned Haruki was deliberately keeping her after school, and for no apparent reason...that was something she wouldn't stand for. She did have schoolwork to do, after all.

And today, Haruki was acting in a manner that she found strangely unsettling. He was almost
nervous. She was sitting in front of him in the (stolen) club room, her hands on her knees, and he was bending over and looking at her; as usual, he was far too close for comfort. He had been...weird, recently. Every day he did something different to his appearance- for example, today his
shirt was missing three of its buttons. She didn't know why he did this, but it merely struck her as Suzumiya acting a little stranger than he usually did. But today he seemed...less confident than usual. He looked at her like she was a specimen under a microscope, seeming intrigued and then
amused, raising an eyebrow...blushing. What on earth did he want? She hadn't known that he
was even capable of a blush.

"Well, Kyonko!" He straightened up, grinned his usual, ridiculous grin, and slapped his hands together with a certain finality to his tone. She cringed, both at the volume of his voice and at the use of that terrible nickname. He'd never bothered to ask for her real name. Nobody did. Even her little brother used it- and how she would have liked to hear 'nee-san' once in a while... "Why
wait im sorry...did you spell Haruhi wrong?
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Males don't wear hairbands unless they're gay.
(Oh fuck, it got all screwed up. Well, I'll carry on anyway.)

"What?" She narrowed her eyes in her usual lukewarm manner, but something about the way he looked at her was bothering her. She crossed her arms across her chest, suddenly self-conscious, but still trying to appear disinterested. Oh, the things she did just to keep up appearances!

"Kyonko! I'm a healthy boy!" A little too healthy, if you ask me. His hands were on either side of her, gripping the sides of the chair. Why did he look so excited? She could almost hear his fluttering heartbeat. She tilted her head to avoid his gaze, fixing her eyes on something over Haruki's shoulder. Wait, what was that costume? There were fishnets, and...god, how did Suzumiya expect to fit Asahina-kun into that thing?

"Yeah, you're not fat or anything." She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. If this lasted any longer- if he didn't pull away right that instant- she might be unable to keep up her monotone.

"Pay attention to me!" He had grabbed her ponytail and pulled so that she was forced to look in his direction. That was not fair play. She raised an eyebrow as he raised his voice. "I'm sixteen years old! I'm already long overdue for this!"
You're either a clever troll or have been absent from /a/ for some weeks. Either way, I didn't rage but still made me want to facepalm.
>Males don't wear hairbands unless they're GAR.
I agree.
The hairband was given to him by Kyonko during the time traveling arc.
that's why they've been shifted to headphones.
"I have to say that I'm not following you he- uhhh..." Her sentence trailed off as he touched her. She understood now, ever-so-vaguely, and just at the notion of it she felt as though she were going to have a heart attack. Yet, she stayed absolutely still as his fingers brushed over hercollarbone, then ran down the front of her shirt. She held her breath as his hand hovered over her breast. His touch was gentle, like he thought he might break her (interesting, she thought, because he was a lot rougher when he was telling her what to do every day) and he was curious-
boyish in his advances. A quality that she admired, though she would never admit it.

"I'm talking about the bond between men and women," he said, suddenly terribly serious. And then, looking into her eyes, he appeared flustered, and he turned away. With his back to her, he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a book that he was thumbing through.
Kyonko's eyes widened, and she tried, from where she was sitting, to crane her neck and peek at the cover. It wasn't like Haruki to read much of anything at all, and...

'How to Lose Your Virginity in Eight Easy Steps'. Ah, she should have known.
And that's all she wrote, folks.
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delicious vengeance.
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Itsuko is delicious plump. I want to kiss her while pinching her meat.

My favorite copypasta.

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