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Wait, since when was Mako one of the three heroines? She doesn't fucking do anything!
She's going to save Ryuuko at the cost of her own life.
>[implying intensifies]
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Since Trigger still thinks Mako is a funny character.
Trigger needs to give Mako some cool moments. Another HALLELUJAH won't cut it, she needs to start pushing heads in.
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I'd cum buckets
>doesn't do anything
>withstands barrage of attacks from Goku uniform wearers
>brought a club she had no interest in leading to the forefront of the school's politics
>became the best Two Star Uniform wearer
>gave up the chance of being an Elite Four member for her friend's sake
>consistently puts Gamagoori in his place
>fought alongside whats-his-face with the needle gun using brooms
>turned the ground into an ocean of light and stars and stopped Matoi Ryuuko's Heart Throbbing Adventure with slap chops.
>is fast and strong enough to stop bullets with her hands that are capable of taking down Goku Uniform wearers
>has a reality marble where she can monologue without interruption

Yeah, no.
>since when was Mako one of the three heroines?

The first episode.

She's had more screentime overall than Satsuki.
Why would you have a comic relief character in a show where everyone takes turns in being the comic relief?
Well, consider that even Satsuki now has heroine
status, so the villain baton has definitely passed
on to Ragyo..
i would love if for the rest of the series the 3 heroines had similar screen time
File: kingdom STOP.jpg (277.43 KB, 600x588)
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>Believing the preview that Satsuki, Ryuuko, and Mako won't play a part in episode 19
For one, we see Satsuki in the preview with Junketsu on, for two, Ryuuko's VA said episode 19 is Ryuuko's big moment.
Sounds like a nui clone.
How many big moments does Ryuuko need? She seems to get one every episode, but in reality it just translates to her being stronger than others because of her life fibers.

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