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Why did the 90's love bauble earrings and do you want them back?
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Just supply and demand.
They're kind of dumb. They'd be really heavy and hurt your ears.
They're the definition of retro. I mean, I don't particularly like or dislike them but they're not fashionable right now.
People used to wear some pretty silly things in the 90s. Like these stupid giant earrings, pink caps or platform shoes
You forgot Cyber Team in Akihabara

They also had them...well if fact,they carry aroung huge talking and sentinent earrings with them as well,if I remember well?
You know what the 90s had that I really want back?

However, I'm scared they'd fuck it up these days, so as much as I want them to finally do that fucking S2 to bridge S1 and the film, and a S3 to finish the story, I also prefer to leave it as it is.
I had buffalos with blinking lights on them. I regret nothing.
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90s thread?
Most delightful
>Why did the 90's love bauble earrings
I blame Akahori Satoru for everything that happened in the 90's
Maybe if the LOGH remake is good and sells well. Although that might be a bad thing, given that's pretty much what hollywood does nowadays and it's pretty shit.
Look, I'm glad they're working on a new LotGH, but let's be honest, it won't be nearly as good as the old anime.
I'm sure it'll have better animation due to improvements in that area over the time, but everything else is likely to be inferior.
I really can't see why they'd do it except to aim to get people's nostalgia dollars. Like >>102135210 said, they're just imitating Hollywood.
> hurt your ears
What do you think they're made of? Dense metal or something?
oh lord
captain tylor remake when

ova "ending" was bullshit and I am still mad. I wish they just kept the first season's ending as it is.
it's hilarious how so many people actually believe and argue like this
Why a remake? Just new episodes, there are still untranslated novels.
Maybe after the LogH remake and if Space Dandy gains more popularity in Nipland who am I kidding it's not going to happen
because the rag to riches is always the best part. I get chills thinking about the choreography of that final battle, and after so long, I want to see it in a new glory.

Even if Space Battleship Yamato had some liberties made into it, it was pretty good and arguably better structured than the classic.

I'm also very psyched for LOGH''s remake since I had it in my backlog for awhile (after shock on what happened to Yang) that I'd have to rewatch it all over again to get back on track.

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