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Last 5 shows you've watched and your ratings

Nichijou - 7/10 somehow did lelrandom without being retarded. dat double glasses/contacts.

Another - 2/10 looked nice and was kinda interesting to start with, but quickly lost its lustre

Samurai champloo - 4/10 dropped about 2/3 through, I didn't get it at all. The art style was cool but I hated the cast.

Ghost in the shell SAC - 8/10 kind of sluggish at times, but worth sticking with. One fo the best TV shows in general I've seen for some time

Panty/stocking - 10/10 haven't enjoyed my animes this much in a long time
Kyoukai no Kanata - 8/10 it was interesting and i enjoyed it. good OP & ED

Love Live! - 7/10 the girls were cute and i liked the animation and songs, but it never really pulled me in

Toradora - 8/10 enjoyed it thoroughly, best girl won

Watamote - 6/10 it dragged a bit, and was never really that interesting. watching it felt like a chore, but some parts i did enjoy

Kurozuka - 7/10 it was great, but it didn't get me interested until the last 3 episodes. even then the ending was disappointing.
>Kyoukai no Kanata
dat ending do
Also OP, manga also welcome. I'm only just getting into it and have read a handful

Berserk - 10/10 I understand completely why it is so popular. shit was/is incredible

candyboy - 6/10 it was cute, just like the anime, not much more to it than that

mayo chiki - 5/10 meh, fun to read I guess but I never really cared for it

baka to testuo - 8/10 hilarious, I need to watch the show now.
>rating series

Fucking cancer, go back to MAL.
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>being this mad
File: cancer.jpg (237.41 KB, 500x315)
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Being this casual
>somehow did lelrandom without being retarded.

And without being funny too.
Sorry mate, I think you clicked the wrong board.

consider suicide
Boku no Pico - 10/10. It was definitely a masterpiece

Pico to Chico - 10/10. Just as good, if not better.

Pico X Coco x Chico - 8/10. You'd think more would be better, but you'd also be wrong

Master of Martial Hearts - 10/10. Truly the Evangelion of Ikki Tousen.

I don't remember the fifth one I last watched.
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Fate/Zero: 9/10. Well written and animated. Rider is my fucking hero for ever. Never forget Lancer, that boy got fucked over hard. One of my all-time favorites in any show/movie. Great OP.

Samurai Champloo: 8/10. Solidly entertaining show. Didn't enjoy that much at all until the second half when all the characters seemed a bit less dickish to each-other. Was happy with the ending, would have liked to seen more adventures. The episodes with the blind woman and the ninja girl were some of my favourites from any series.

Attack on Titan: 7/10. Not bad. Not the best thing ever. Neat concept and pretty good animation. Looking forward to S2. Decently written. Some parts seemed to plod along though. Despite the change from the manga flaming Eren was cool. Don't see why it's hated or feverishly loved by so many. It's a pretty alright action show.

Fate/Stay: 6/10. Not good, but the could have spent that time on worse things. Wasn't as well written or animated as Zero. Just watched it to see what happened next in the story.

TTGL: 9/10. Watched this years ago but come back to watch episodes and the movies fairly regularly. Great action and I love how absurd it gets. Fun characters and story and is enjoyable to watch if you don't think of it too hard.

I'm just starting with dedicated anime watching and am still working on a bunch of other shows at the moment while watching seasonal shows right now.

It made him mad because /a/ uses its own horrible rating system.

"ITS SHIT" is they only thing they understand.

Because a series is either enjoyable or not. On what basis do you rate shows on scale from 0 to 10?

You either like the food you eat or you don't, fucking wannabe connoisseurs.
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Kinnikuman - 10/10 This is the manga you need to read if you want to write. While the plot and story are both silly and as simple as any action shonen, the characters are grade A and go into an actual, serious character development. Even when it started as a silly parody of cape comics and shounen, it still retained it silliness in the final battles. The perfect example of manga that you notice the authors really put effort and love while writing it.

Gintaman - 9/10 For one I HATE Japan's sense of humor and how they have a boner for word (kanji?) puns so having Gintama being a show that you dont need to be full jap to understand and joke about fucking everything they want. While there are sometimes chapters that are 'meh' tier, Gintama in general is one of those comedies that anybody can understand. Not to mention it has some hidden references to other shows.
Gintama - [10/10] took me long enough to watch last 2 arcs, because I wanted something to brighten my life in case despair overcomes me. No such thing happened, but I eventualy watched it with a friend and he later bought me macadamia nuts. Holy shit did I laugh that day.

Battle Programmer Shirase - [7/10] watched it with my friends that study IT. Fun, but not amazing.

Symphogear - [7/10] again, fun enough, but not amazing and ending was a little too Deus ex Machinae for my taste.

Monogatari series - [9/10] likable characters, enjoyable plot, music. I was biased before but it turned out not a complete fanservice waifu fest. Threads I saw before, really misled me toward that notion.

Oyasumi Pun-pun - I can't...is the work even good if it leaves you emotionally shattered for a week? I don't think it fits in any scale

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