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So /a/, what are the stages of being a anime fan?
It's more a tech tree than anything.
>Watch entry level anime and shonen anime
>Watch popular non-shonen anime,
>Full weeaboo stage
>Watch 80's-90's anime
>become a moefag
Stage one:
Has an active social life, watches anime occasionally. Has no waifu. Doesn't discuss the medium on anime forums but might like his favourites on facebook.
Stage two:
Anime is taking up a lot of his leisure time. Social life gets neglected more and more. In this stage one might have a waifu. Uses sites made for anime discussion. Might neglect personal hygene
Stage three:
Spends every second of his day watching anime or discussing it. Most likely social outcast and Neet. Chances are high that theese individuals are fat and have neckbeards. His waifu is everything to him. Browses /a/.

These facts are backed up by the international anime research organisation
Toy Based Series
Main Stream Action Series
Deep/Edge/Serious Series
Romance/Harem Series
Moe/SoL/Comedy(considerable amount of otaku inside jokes) Series
Fanserviece Series
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Do you guys join anime clubs?

All full of obese women with terrible taste.
shounenshit fan
mature anime for mature people like myself
slice of life and romcom
So judging from your retarded as fuck interpretations I started immediately as a top tier elitist and pure blooded otaku master race
You start off with your generic entry level stuff and then branch into specialties like SoL, action/mecha or romcom.
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So cool, so new.
Most are entering the Weeaboo phase at this point. Lots of broken Japanese being spewed at this point. (rejoice if you skipped this.)
It becomes less about watching what you enjoy and more about watching as much as possible. Some sore of superiority complex, where you need to have seen it all. Asserting your "power-level" over others. The retards will at this point start calling themselves "Otaku".
Because of the excessive intake, most grow tired of anime. Some will watch less, others will go cold turkey for months. Other hobbies are picked up.
The break is over and you come back wiser. 3-5 series a season. You don't care about how big your or others power-levels are (no more calling yourself Otaku and other stupid shit!) at this point. You are watching anime because you enjoy it, not because you have something to prove. Your other hobbies now add to your anime Hobby and you collect figs and other stuff in your spare time.
It's like you read my fucking mind, thank you.
>discover anime
>watch a tonne of anime in a short period of time
>start following seasonal shit
>watch a moderate amount of anime
>tastes refine
>watch 1, or 2 anime a season and spend the rest of the time shitposting on /a/
File: 1391755368199.jpg (50.26 KB, 374x438)
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>hyper casual (shounen/dubs)
>entry level (harems/mecha/comedy/romance/magical girls/fantasy)
>hardened viewer (variations of SoL/yuri-yaoi/DEEP/mystery)
>otaku level (LNs/VNs/Manga)
>/a/ elitist (everything above +800 watched while calling everything shit)
>kami-sama (live in Japan watching raws and never scan doujins/manga)
>that last paragraph

My shit is lost.
This, only with Exploration and Overindulgence switched around. And with the exception that in the Balance stage I still have difficulty following an anime past 3-4 episodes in.
I'm scared of the Refinery stage. I always watch around 20-30 shows a season and then slowly drop them for either being bad or not good enough to keep me interested, yet I feel I'm missing so much.
>watch anime to become
>then you join stuco and become
>then find the boards 7 mysteries
The Celebrated
>get the board idol to recognize you and become
Respected One
>Defeat the Four Heavenly trips to become
>defeat the board banchou to become
Legendary One
That's what a balanced backlog is all about.
If after the 3-5 episode rule, and you still are undecided if it should be put on the backlog, it would be best to just keep a note of the shows title. let the season end and do some research on said title. Did most enjoy it, are people raving about it? Do you have the free time to check it out before the next season starts? If "yes" then use that free time to pick it up.
Rinse and repeat.
>Popular entry level show
>currently airing popular shows
>good series made in the last decade or so, progressively looking further back
>give up on life and fantasize about your waifu all day
Another thing, once you get to the Balance stage, you are at a point where you are easily able to tell what shows you will and will not enjoy just by looking them. Anime doesn't come with a whole lot of surprises once you're fully steeped in it. You know what to look for when a series gets announced, like the studio and staff working on it, and the source material (if applicable).
>Manga is otaku level
>balance stage

Huh. Guess I am forever stuck in the Overindulgence phase except I just watch anime for me. I am watching 26 different shows right now and have a small backlog since I have been watching seasonally since 2006.
File: 1391187375634.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720)
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There's no real reason to watch currently airing series, it's more efficient to watch the last year season series (which have aired) while the current year season series are still airing, repeat till infinitum.
File: 1337045315355.png (164.47 KB, 500x500)
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>Protip for getting through your backlog.

Skip the OP/ED.
A least watch it for the first and last ep, but skip it for the rest. It shaves off so much time and allows you to marathon a series so much more efficiently. If you've seen the OP/ED once you don't need to see it 12-25 more times. You are always free to go back and watch it later.

Some anime have an ever changing OP, but a majority of these OP consist of revealing a new character from the previous episode. If you deeply enjoy this type of thing, then ignore my advice and carry on.
So I read spoilers while browsing /a/. No thanks.
Not liking dicks
liking dicks

It's allways like that.
>read spoilers while browsing /a/
I actually almost never have this problem. I've only had it recently due to Kill la Kill. Fuck people are stupid about that shit.
Doesn't everyone do this when they're marathoning though? I don't think I've ever met a single person who didn't.
no shit, sherlock
I watch anime for entertainment, not to burn through series.
If the OP is good I watch it and if I don't feel like watching it I skip it.

I watch every op and ed unless its just really really bad. Most of the time I use it to check /a/ or something on the other screen.
Trust me, the idiots exist.
>I already knew something, So I'll act like a special snowflake.
If you knew, you knew. It was a tip for those who did not.
>I watch anime for entertainment, not to burn through series.
>If the OP is good I watch it and if I don't feel like watching it I skip it.
So do I!
While I adhere by this rule, I still make the exception for some series. Steins;Gate's OP was too great to skip. However I did skip the ED.
>implying I ever had a social life
Why do you think I got into anime?
I had less of a social life when I got into anime than I have now and I'm watching a lot more anime than I did when I started watching. How did that even happen?
Wow, I went through all of theses in that order. right now halfway into the balance stage, feels good.
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Where is the part where yo call yourself Dio just because your surname sounds like "Brando"?
Well you're still older and wiser. As for me it's because my life has kept moving and by chance I'm here at University having finally reached a point in my life where I'm comfortable with myself and thus confident and happy.

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