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When will You Can (Not) Redo be consensually seen as the good movie it is, just like both eps 25-26 are now masterpieces?
All the movies are shit.

That means EoE too.
3.0 was just plain bad.
Only good thing about it is god-tier animation and art style.
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>I asked Anno-san about his high school days, and specifically how he did in his literature class. He recounts his high school days and how he often got into arguments with his literature teacher. When asked to write an essay one day, Anno purposefully wrote a terrible essay filled with grammar errors and with kanji specifically being written improperly as to give the appearance of illiteracy. This was supposed to be a commentary on how terrible the average high school essay was and how intellectual pursuits are being abandoned in modern society in favor of more superficial needs.
>Despite Anno's desperate cries of "B-but it was shit on purpose, it's social commentary", his teacher still gave him a failing grade.


But that's not a real quote
>good movie
It was well-animated, used symbolism well, and meaninfully progressed the characters, but the pacing was all over the place. It was much better on a second viewing than when first watching it, so I'd say it'll be seen as good once enough time passes for people to give it a second chance.
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a japanese author did that, actually. but it was college, not high school.
no, just the rebuilds. EoE is life.
EoE is SHIT. The original ending is light-years better than that sellout.
File: 1389584378977.gif (2.66 MB, 320x180)
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The MP Eva fight scene is the only good thing about EoE.
File: 12132142354365.png (1.34 MB, 1280x565)
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3.33 was fucking amazing. I'm with you OP, some of our fellow Evafags are just scared of change.
shut the fuck up. the full ending of Evangelion is ep 26, 26 and EoE. Stop being such a ginormous faggot just to seem cool.
clearly you need to develop your brain further
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Anno thought the original ending was fine and I'm pretty sure he knows more about Evangelion than you.
File: 1389770675988.jpg (61.18 KB, 624x480)
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>look at all this meaningless imagery
>better act like I know what it means or else I'll look stupid
You all bought it, every last one of you bought it.
Ironic shit essay writing is still shit essay writing.

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