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Why didn't Japan like this enough to give this a second season?
because it's shit
Elfen Lied is shit and that got a conclusive ending.
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Japan has shit taste, but some series are so bad that even Japan knows when it's shit.
Deadman is one of those shit shows.

Honestly the manga starts off fine, The climax is good, but then it takes a nosedive into retardation. The ending to this series was rushed and retarded as fuck. Why waste staff, time, and money on an anime that will have such a shit end?!

I enjoyed the OP of the anime. That's the only positive thing I will say.
>. The ending to this series was rushed and retarded as fuck
Spoil it, please.
>but then it takes a nosedive into retardation.
>The ending to this series was rushed and retarded as fuck.

What happened exactly? Was it because they left Deadman Wonderland?
read the manga, although i think its been on break for a really long time
It's finished now.
It was terrible in the first place. The anime managed to disregard any sense of pacing. The manga is average, but the anime was awful.
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>Shiro: "It was all according to keikaku!"
>Ganta: "No way!"
>both fighting using the woodpecker branch of sin.
>Shiro: You are still weak! Kill me Ganta! Kill me!
>Ganta: But friendship made me stronger! Kill you? You should have told me that before I fell in love with you!
>More fighting
>Ganta: "Shiro, you belong to me now!"
>Shiro: Lewd Smile
>They both release a spirit bomb, destroying the island.
>The rest of the cast go on to live normal lives, and everything about the island is now classified government shit.
>Ganta goes back to school, Shiro is in a coma.
>Ganta leaves her bedside to return home.
>Last page, Shiro opens her eye.
File: 1361046338905.png (303.92 KB, 513x336)
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There was also some shit about Ganta being the second test-subject #0, but since he left the island, shiro ended up taking on both his and her share of the experimentation.
He got to live a normal life, while she lost her only friend and endured hell. So she slaughtered his friends to get him put back in the place.
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Super violent, dark anime has never done well in Japan. Anything with a Niche audience generally doesn't get popular and just gets an underground following. This was also an example of them releasing the first part of the story in anime form to bate more people to pick up the manga. Berserk did similar back in the day.

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