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Hey /a/ When I was younger I watched a lot of anime, fucking anything I could get my hands on, however as I got older I found less and less time.
But luckily I've become an unemployed piece of trash and am ready to get into the swing of things. Not going to ask for recommendation, will lurk for that but I am wondering where you guys torrent your anime.
Im going to get in slow so anywhere which may have a bleach season 15-16 dubbed would be super helpful. Thanks guys
No, fuck off. Could have googled all that information. Also
might as well get the fuck out RIGHT NOW.
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I tried and couldn't find any with/for that specific search. But besides the bleach thing I do wanna know where most people get their anime.
The internet.
Bullshit, learn to google, fucking underage faggot.
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Well while that is not to kind I wont hold it against you
Troll thread

OP knows exactly when to use that fucking spoiler
Nope I normally come here for the Bleach threads and know some denizens of /a/ don't care for it, so I dident want a thread full of shitposting just a quick answer or two.
Fucking faggot.
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Thank you for the kindness, Ill let the thread die now.
Thank you for contributing your helpful post as well, I know how hard it must be to write such a long and insightful post but it looks like it was well worth the effort!

you're welcome

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