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When is Mako finally going to reveal her powerlevel and kick some ass?

It's been shown on multiple occasions that she's incredibly powerful

>Catches bullets out of thin air
>Gets pummeled with tenisballs going really god damned fine, burned, hit my a kamui explosion and she doesn't even come close to giving a fuck
>Gets a two star uniform and easily becomes as a strong as a three star

I mean honestly

When will Trigger stop jerking us around?
Why does nobody post in Mako threads?
it's because we've all given up hope, anon
Yeah I'm like 90% sure she's fused with life fibers too.
Mako will kill Nui, calling it.
Becauae most of them devolve into Gamako or Nui threads.Also you probably post at wrong hours.

Personally,I don't know what to expect about her,so I've been trying to stay quiet about any speculations.With her one can't simply know,so some people will go and wish for a Toonbowl and others will just brush her aside as juat comic relief.

And there's the one who don't care about her except for shipping her with Gama.

Next episode she seems to be MIA or something.

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