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So I just got through with what little is available of Kono S o Mi Yo and looked up the spoilers for the series. Dear GOD, it's depressing if accurate. So does anyone have something of a similar vein where the characters don't end up in misery?
Holy fuck, I just realized what this series is. It's not a romance. It's not a Feels. It's a fucking Twilight Zone episode drawn out over 140 chapters. It's a horror story. Holy fuck.
Fuck, I remember reading it a while ago and realizing the rest wasn't, and probably won't be translated.
What are the spoilers?
Does he tenderly love and marry orange ?
From what I've read from a forum post(with linked raws to verify), he never gets her away from the doctor until he finally just gives in and uses the stigma to make her give up on grandma. The last scenes are of her with a fucking HUGE moon stigma across her entire front in some other place with him, and she says something like "being with you is heaven". He looks at her sadly and then says, "yes it is." I don't read Japanese very well, so I can't figure out the explanation his father gives at the beginning of the end chapter.
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But my orange.
You're talking about Makoto? She last appears with Rin's dad, long-haired but cute as ever, talking about something. Dammit, I knew I should have stopped reading at the happy part of the hotel scene
Did she ever fuck MC? Last I remember before i dropped this she got stigma'd but was resisting as hard as she could. She was best girl hands down, it's a shame she had no chance.
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Final page of the manga.
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Last page with orange.
File: 1343382126194.jpg (67.21 KB, 720x720)
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Yeah, like I said, it's kind of a long road to being a Twilight Zone story. Adorable mains, awful villains, but in the end, nobody won. If Magi or something else I'm reading pulls shit like this, fuck it's gonna be heartwrenching.
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And I swear this is the last I'm posting of the end of this manga
How does Sakuranbo Syndrome end? I'm rooting for Asou-san end but I'm guessing it will end badly.

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