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Why is valentine's day more popular culturally in Japan than in America?

Or is it just anime propaganda to stir up shit for romcoms?
It is not just Japan. In Korea, Taiwan and China it is kinda big.

I still think that is because it is far easier to market ideas/products to asian than to western people.
In Japan especially if there is one restaurant shown on TV, it gets popular, no matter how shitty the food is. I experienced it quite often that some of my japanese friends wanted to go to restaurants just because they were shown on TV:

Thats why I guess that its quite easy to market Valentines Day to them.

Though Christmas doesnt seem as big. Sony didnt release PS4s for them before christmas/new years
Are you kidding? It's huge in America too. You need to get out more. There's more people at places like Walmart, local grocery stores, and mall from a couple of days before until after V-day itself buying valentines gifts.
Senran kagura thread? Post your best ninja
But I work as a cashier and the most I see is some people buying cards.
You must live in some shitty area or at Walgreens or something.
Near Philadelphia. City of brotherly love. No lovelier place
>City of brotherly love
Does this mean it's homo central?

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