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Any fans still around?
Anzu best girl
Man, it was so long ago that I almost forgot why I liked it so much. I should rewatch it soon.
The sky is blue.
The three girls were great though. Koume was probably the weakest, but she had her own charm, and her story with Kenji was cute as fuck.
I liked it but I'll admit I don't remember anyone's names anymore, so I couldn't even really discuss it.
I loved how the ED changed every time.
hell yes
all my gifs are in my broken laptop though ;_;
if those were kids in real life i would want to make some right away, nothing sexual but just to have father-daughter time and i would enjjoy, but 3d is disgusting
You could always, you know, become a teacher in a kindergarten. But allow me to give you a warning, since my mother works in one (in the kitchen, though): parents are worse than kids. Staying with the kids is not a big deal. Dealing with the parents is a nightmare.
I'm still mad about the ending.
you don't even have to tell me, its even worse when its black people ghetto kids, the parents don't take responsibility to discipline the child, and get mad when u do their job for them.

im not saying all of them are bad but its more than some
One of my favorites. Still waiting for the ending of the manga to be typeset. Apparently it's all translated and ready to go too.
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I loved all the references. This cameo was cool too. And of course the EDs were amazing. One of the cutest things ever made.

Now, Potemayo anons? Are we still around?
denser than a neutron star that girl
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