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So why does Toriko get so much hate again? I recently just read up to chapter 30 and I think it's pretty neat. It's definitely not a masterpiece or extremely well written or anything, but I think it's a pretty cool shounen battle manga.

I've seen some of the anime and I get the dislike of that. The censorship is overbearing and ruins the intensity of the fights. Why is it censored so much?
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muscle bump
I'm not familiar with this Gokclone but I saw him fight Luffy and Goku once so he must be okay.
I still don't know what this shit is about.
More delicious the food, the stronger people with specific cells (gourmet cells) get.
Basically they go around everywhere looking for good food. It's deeper than that, but that's pretty much the premise
He is sort of Goku cloneish but he's original enough that it doesn't really bother me.

It's best described as a monster hunter shounen with a touch of HnK and YYH I think
I've seen worse premises.
the later chapters are actually pretty good
Like I said, it's not the best thing I've ever read, but it's a pretty solid read and I'm enjoying it thus far. It does storytelling pretty well but still manages to take itself not too seriously. Makes me pretty excited for J Stars VS
It gets a lot of flak because it's about big burly toned men and has like 2 female characters, which is what truly draws /a/'s attention
There needs to be more stories out there with less females. All Japan knows how to do with them is make them drama filled love interests.
I mean, I don't really have an issue with "Kenshiro goes cooking" but I know that kind of turns a lot of people off
I agree. I think it does a great job of being exactly what it's intended to be - a shounen manga. No fanservice forced love sub-plots or waifu pandering. It's got good fights and great action.
Its kind of hilarious for the semi-science to run rampant on occasion.
>No fanservice forced love sub-plots or waifu pandering

But a little fanservice forced love sub-plots and waifu pandering is good.
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It's boring.

Power creep is terrible.
Fights aren't interesting.
It's bland and generic.
Food Porn as a gimmick can only last so long.

There are so many better Battle Manga out there that it's just tedious to read.

Not even the fact that the author actually knows the superiority of underaged girls makes it's worth it.
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> boring

Really, the only thing I don't enjoy about it is the shit pacing. You get 5 plus chapters of nothing then sometimes cool fight scenes that you might lose instrest in after 3 chapters.

But this shit does make up some hilarious reaction images.
is hunter x hunter good? i loved yu yu hakusho but i know nothing about HxH

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