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File: 1369165400422.jpg (16.24 KB, 225x225)
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This Valentine's Day, let's learn more about how pure is your waifu. Test it with Akinator!


1-10 Questions: Dying of AIDS, blue waffle, your mom, gangbangs every night
11-20 Questions: Prostitute, sucked hundreds of dicks
21-30 Questions: Tramp, sucked dozens of dicks
31-40 Questions: Normal Girl with Sexual Experience, has a few boyfriends
41-50 Questions: Virgin but Lustful
Can't Guess: Polyanna, Pure Waifu
Go figure. the games down for maintainence
Last time I checked it was 41 on the dot.
I'm not taking the chance that he can get it in 40 now.
>This Valentine's Day, let's learn more about how obscure is your waifu. Test it with Akinator!
I added Usami Haru myself.
That means she is the purest of them all, right?
It's just Akinator's way of telling us all our waifus are pure.
File: 1392231482729.jpg (841.12 KB, 488x1479)
841.12 KB
841.12 KB JPG
Rei is forever pure.
Akinator's such a bro.
Do people seriously get as high as 40, 50 questions?

I start getting looney toons characters after 30
I don't think that purposefully misleading him like that is fair.

It makes sense. The more well-known a character, the more people will claim her to be their waifu, thus sausage-fest impurities.
I've never gotten past low 40s unless I'm misleading him, but I'm sure it can be done.
am I the only one who's having problems with it and maintainence? I just want to find where my waifu stands. I've done it before but I completely forget where she placed

Evangelions aren't robots, though.
>they are not robots, they are organic robots
Fuck you

Looney Tunes characters are impure dick suckers, dude.
File: 14-02-2014 20.19.31.png (216.84 KB, 581x418)
216.84 KB
216.84 KB PNG
Fuck you akinator.
You had one job.
File: 1374922951207.jpg (142.27 KB, 863x809)
142.27 KB
142.27 KB JPG
>Does your character ride a giant robot? No
>Is your character linked with robots? No
>Does your character fight against monsters? No
>Is you character a high school student? Probably not

Oh come on.

>Evas are robots at all

Confirmed for someone who hasn't actually watched Eva. I want the normals to leave.
They're not robots at all: they're organic creatures with implants to control them.
I was talking about the 'high school' thing, but I guess on reflection that's not really a big deal.
Though Akinator probably does consider EVAs to be robots.
>Organic robots
>Implying that organic ROBOTS are not a kind of robots

But they're not robots, though. Organic or otherwise.
They look like fucking robots. Are you expecting Akinator to ask you if she is involved with organic beings with implants that allow teenagers to control them?
if answered yes to robots, I'm sure it would have been finished by 25

Your waifu is about to be devirginized.
It's a scary thought. I'm glad he's down for maintenance.

You'd be answering wrong, though.

>herp derp robots

It's the anime itself that keeps on harping about how they're not really robots. Apply yourself.
its literally impossible for him to distinguish between generic supporting anime highschool students
>They look like fucking robots.

Spoken like a true Murrican.
I´m not saying that they are robots, but "robots" is the most close term you will get with Akinator.

They're not robots, though. Rei remains pure because I actually watched the show, not Akinator.
Putting Akinator aside, it's a major point in the series that they are not robots. This isn't symbolic inference or assumptions based on information given by the show.
Whatever, just keep deluding yourself.

They're not. It's like saying Darth Vader is a robot. Or a horse with armor is a robot. Or an amputee with prosthetics is a robot.

>MISAKA doesn't know what a robot is

see >>102114036
File: kyoukai_izumi_09.png (837.81 KB, 1280x720)
837.81 KB
837.81 KB PNG
>Tohsaka Rin
>Unknown character from Scrapped Princess
>Kou from Wagaya no Oinari-sama

Couldn't guess my beloved Izumi.
File: lh12isuzu.jpg (63.96 KB, 1280x720)
63.96 KB
63.96 KB JPG
Pure as a flower in the spring, unguessable.
A cyborg is a way more common thing than an organic being with implants.
Akinator will never ask you just a thing and you know it, so "robots" it´s the closest term you will get.
If cyborgs weren´t a common thing, then answering yes to Akinator if it asks you if he is a robot should be okay.
File: Screenshot (18).jpg (123.87 KB, 974x713)
123.87 KB
123.87 KB JPG
First time, he couldn't guess. Second time, guessed at 60. Third time, got her at 42.
she is the best chunk of wood on the edge of vision

File: 1392227989842.png (183.99 KB, 537x607)
183.99 KB
183.99 KB PNG

>>tl:dr Ayanami is purest of grills

Answer questions correctly so that you won't end up circling around the block, dickhole.
File: 1388557438321.gif (106.69 KB, 500x357)
106.69 KB
106.69 KB GIF
>Hey look, I know a lot about NGE, I defeated Akinator being unnecessarily precise accurate against a bot.

A cyborg is not a robot, though.
Its been over half an hour and akinator is still visiting the repairman

Fuck you Op
The thing is, you two are arguing about two different things. To my understanding, you are trying to say that Akinator's question about a robot should be looked at in a broader sense since his coding obviously isn't good enough to understand the details of the show.
The other anon is saying that such a thought process is irrelevant as the show explicitly states that what Akinator is asking is not true.
The problem isn't what is or isn't a robot, but that you two are arguing about the precision needed in this situation.
Are you fucking retarded or had you deluded yourself so much that your stupidity is already beyond any reasoning?
Finally someone who understands.
File: 37849037849234.jpg (256.18 KB, 713x963)
256.18 KB
256.18 KB JPG
He couldn't guess my lovely husbando.
>Are you fucking retarded or had you deluded yourself

It's not a delusion to be right.
File: 1323314595968.png (171.90 KB, 528x639)
171.90 KB
171.90 KB PNG
My husbando isn´t pure
File: Mai merwaif.jpg (247.44 KB, 800x1142)
247.44 KB
247.44 KB JPG
Time to try Isma again. Let's see if she's become lustful, at least. Wait, what is this maintenance shit?
apparantly a few minutes is an hour+
File: Caster.jpg (8.14 KB, 186x270)
8.14 KB
8.14 KB JPG
Got my waifu after 29 questions and two guesses.
He guessed it was Caster the first time, but it wasnt the Caster I was thinking of.
File: shigure.png (874.67 KB, 781x1650)
874.67 KB
874.67 KB PNG

my waifu's a tramp, sad but it cant be avoided due to plot reasons.
File: 79Questions.png (609.12 KB, 851x556)
609.12 KB
609.12 KB PNG
Akinator, disappoint me
By technically answering questions ( she isn't from an anime series, she is from a visual novel which also isn't a video game, yes she is in love with me, she isn't going to a high school anymore), I managed to hide Nagisa for 62 questions which probably makes her lustful but pure waifu. It is a man's job to protect his waifu's pureness.
Negro mine
>thinking he has lost track
>suddenly "is your character linked with horse riding?"

how is this site even possible?
you can't just make somehting that deletes features of other characters and somehow finds what you want
>evas are not robots

thread killed, retards appeared
>b-but they are clones
and snk isn't a mech anime right ;^)

SnK isn't a mech anime.
File: 1390813467337.jpg (114.03 KB, 600x445)
114.03 KB
114.03 KB JPG
>Does your character goes to school?
>Does your character fight?
>Is your character dead?
>20 questions, owned

This is fucking unfair, dammit!
>Normal Girl with Sexual Experience, has a few boyfriends
>has a few boyfriends

Don't you mean "has HAD a few boyfriends". If not, then she is also a whore.
File: pure.png (185.29 KB, 566x403)
185.29 KB
185.29 KB PNG
Tatsukichi Hayama from MM!
Purity embodied.
File: Daughters.png (1.91 MB, 1522x912)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
>Can't guess either of them.

Obscure waifus are best waifus.
File: Untitled.jpg (111.24 KB, 623x539)
111.24 KB
111.24 KB JPG
He couldn't guess Asuka from KnIM. Step it up, Akinator.
File: Aer.png (159.16 KB, 270x483)
159.16 KB
159.16 KB PNG
My Waifu wasn't even on the list until I played.
Is it down for anyone else still?
File: 1369075879001.jpg (88.24 KB, 482x758)
88.24 KB
88.24 KB JPG
suck shit akinator
File: hfdhd.png (41.45 KB, 490x142)
41.45 KB
41.45 KB PNG
over 50 confirmed i am my purest waifu
>game crash at question number 21

the pureness of my waifu can't be describe.
Why are these threads still going? Surely everyone has already tried this shit already.
File: 20140215095209375.png (57.86 KB, 369x229)
57.86 KB
57.86 KB PNG
>Asks "is your character related to King Arthur" twice
Good to know that Akinator has not been uploaded info regarding my Kancolle waifu.
Who is your shipfu?
And then he guessed Saber Lily.
Do I hit "Yes"? I'm pretty sure the regular Saber is in his database.
For some reason he didn't guess Senjougahara, or maybe I answered bad the questions
>Saber (Fate/Extra)
>Saber Alter (Fate Series)

gg akinator.

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