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Oh what a fool, what a fool, what a fool I was. I can't believe I thought this would get me into the series. What a boring, forced piece of garbage. I can't list my points in paragraph form as I'd have too much to complain about. To keep it short and sweet:
-The movie would've been better with the main guy brooding from start to finish.
-What the fuck was up with the clown in his nightmare. I can't stand clowns personally, but WTF?
-Such bad pacing. There are tons of other drama animes that do it better.
-etc. etc.

There some positives however. Sunahara needs his own harem(or anything) show NOW! Nagisa's parents were cool. Aikido teacher. Basically all the sub-characters were good in their own right. Except for the two school council chicks. They suddenly became friendly?

TL;DR SHIT SUCKS except for Sunohara
Sunohara is the only good thing about the whole affair.
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Key! Fund this!
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We did this last night but yeah. Sunohara is the only redeeming factor
The movie was actually quite nice, I would have hoped for CLANNAD the TV series to be similar. There was barely any Sunohara beat downs, which was actually a really nice change, infact he was like the greatest person in the movie... the first half was pretty much all him. I didn't really like the fact that Nagisa died, but it wasn't like the worse thing either.. It took away from the happy everyone loves Tomoya mood and made Tomoya the emo kid. Which was actually also a nice change. Though I would have liked it a bit more if they introduced the president girl and the twins more... but really this movie was a really nice change from the usual Clannad, infact I would have liked Clannad TV to be like the movie more.
you mean inaccurate in every way?
delicious pasta

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