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File: oneesan on top.jpg (38.31 KB, 800x400)
38.31 KB
38.31 KB JPG
>we scissor sisters now

Gonna take your mama out all night
Yeah we'll show her what it's all about
We'll get her jacked up on some cheap champagne
We'll let the good times all roll out
And if the music ain't good, well it's just too bad
We're gonna sing along no matter what
Because the dancers don't mind at Honnouji
If you tip 'em and they make a cut
File: kill la slumber party.jpg (548.89 KB, 1647x809)
548.89 KB
548.89 KB JPG
Holy shit, I came in here right as the other one 404'd. Nice.

>you’ve never been like this before
>so bare, so exposed
>it’s different from when you wore Junketsu
>it’s different from when you first put the kamui on
>this is all of you, everything you have to offer her
>this precious offering to your long-lost sister
>to the one you love
>looking down at her as you rest on top of her legs, you are filled with adoration
>she’s blushing
>after all she’s been through, after how hot her blood boils, Ryuuko is blushing up at you
>such modesty, you tell her
>such innocence
>she looks away, almost ashamed
>”Is that okay?”
>you are filled with tenderness at that sound
>that wonderful sound, the sound of her voice
>so filled with hope
>yes, you tell her, as you move to lie over her, laying kisses along her abdomen
>it’s okay, because we are the same
>it’s okay, because we are sisters
>her blush intensifies, and rather than out of shame, it now persists out of pleasure
>you know exactly what to do, exactly what your instincts tell you to do
>you’ve seen it so many times before in your mind, as you laid awake late at night
>every time you thought of her
>you trail those kisses down to her legs
>down to that precious little spot
>even in such a precarious area, you feel no shame in teasing her
>in seeking out those little utterances of joy
>after much waiting, you finally focus on her womanhood
>you give your ministrations renewed vigor, and she shamelessly gasps out
>she moans so loud you’re afraid they’ll hear
>then she bites her lip, and suddenly you don’t give a damn again
File: 1384709153270.jpg (11.46 KB, 206x210)
11.46 KB
11.46 KB JPG
Yes! On with show!
File: 1392389130741.jpg (32.42 KB, 300x377)
32.42 KB
32.42 KB JPG

My power is without equal. Prepare yourself.
File: 1382841379275.png (168.65 KB, 447x447)
168.65 KB
168.65 KB PNG
I-is S-satsuki-sama performing cunnilingus?
For any newcomers to the thread, I will be posting a Pastebin link to the complete work once I have finished.

Please await patiently for your next dose of the purest love that has ever graced this Earth.

TRIGGER has saved anime, and now I will save your orgasms.


She is indeed a cunning linguist.
File: 1357932080761.jpg (130.12 KB, 1280x720)
130.12 KB
130.12 KB JPG
>She is indeed a cunning linguist.
Satsuki-sama is so lewd.
File: FRIENDSHIP.gif (1.66 MB, 400x382)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF

It's just sisterly love, anon!
File: 41085130_big_p0.png (104.08 KB, 516x776)
104.08 KB
104.08 KB PNG
I wish I was her imouto.

We all do. ;_;
You sicken me, their relationship is pure as the snow
File: heartboner.jpg (180.55 KB, 600x461)
180.55 KB
180.55 KB JPG

>she deserves nothing less than your full attention
>nothing less than the fullest extent of your abilities
>it’s not long before Ryuuko is panting and clutching the sheets
>not long before she’s quivering at the slightest touch
>you’re entranced by this
>as if you were just a curious child, you marvel as your precious imouto rides out her orgasm
>but this is just the beginning
>you have no intention of disappointing her
>rising up from your position, you resolve to mix things up a little
>as sisters, you’re supposed to support each other, after all
>she’ll have to work for the next one, and she gets the message
>she understands completely when you turn around and trust her with your lower half
>bending your head down to continue, electricity arcs throughout your body
>you gasp out a little when she starts off with such enthusiasm, such rhythm
>you cannot resist, you absolutely cannot miss this opportunity
>are you sure you haven’t done this before, you ask
>you can practically feel her blush, even as she continues to bury her face
>you make it a point to tease her about that later, but not now
>not when the night is still so young
>you rock each other’s bodies like crazy
>euphoria crashes down on you both like endless waves
>after what feels like hours the two of you are a sweaty mess
>Ryuuko doesn’t seem to mind as you rest on top of her, panting
>you give her a gentle kiss on the lips, and return to panting as she smiles
>”Ne, onee-chan…”
>oh no
>no, she did not
>did she really just
>”Let’s go again.”
pure sisterly love, nothing to see here folks
File: 1391445847120.jpg (2.48 KB, 120x117)
2.48 KB
2.48 KB JPG
File: pure sisterly love.png (623.22 KB, 800x700)
623.22 KB
623.22 KB PNG
Nothing impure here.

It is, anon, it is! None of this is canon, it's just a sweet indulgence for those who want to take the purity to an even greater level.

They never had a chance to suffer the Westermark Effect. They were perfect strangers before shit got real.

It's like you take imouto love, and regular romantic love, and you like...I don't know...smash them together until you reach this ultimate hybrid.

A Purelewd. Yes, we'll call it that. They are Purelewds, now.
*tips fedora*
File: 1354062549613.jpg (30.10 KB, 326x282)
30.10 KB
30.10 KB JPG
>They never had a chance to suffer the Westermark Effect. They were perfect strangers before shit got real.
You have such a way with words, writefag.
File: holy lol.jpg (22.97 KB, 493x387)
22.97 KB
22.97 KB JPG

File: uhm well.jpg (55.27 KB, 400x383)
55.27 KB
55.27 KB JPG
Ryuuko has a lot of energy.
File: 1392370933851.jpg (1.55 MB, 1200x1600)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG

Ssshh. No words, only the new master race now.

Bow to your Purelewd mistresses.
>Somewhere, while we talk, some autist is adding the tag "incest" to every satsuki x ryuuko doujin in the entire internet.
File: 1385848200245.jpg (39.56 KB, 344x503)
39.56 KB
39.56 KB JPG
>tfw all the pr0n of ryuuko is her staring angrily and stupid shit, no being incredibly timid and shy
File: 1384109801352.png (108.06 KB, 193x228)
108.06 KB
108.06 KB PNG

Tomboys, anon.


Oh, I wouldn't be too sure of that...you just haven't looked in the right places. I've seen some shit.
A man after my own heart.
File: 1349155177496.png (48.54 KB, 500x241)
48.54 KB
48.54 KB PNG
W-wait, did they 69?
Can confirm
Just checked
My dick left orbit.
I wonder if, once this whole mess get resolved, they're going to try to bond as sisters or they will part ways.
Who will cry first when they properly meet each other again? Ryuuko or Satsuki?
The tsundere will be glorious.
Satsuki definitely
>wearing only underwear a lair full of naked mens
Fucking slut.
File: 1363894526198.gif (838.80 KB, 300x169)
838.80 KB
838.80 KB GIF

>morning comes too quickly
>cuddled up against your precious Ryuuko, and utterly spent, the two of you try to rest
>but of course, there’ll be none of that
>not when there is so much work to do
>it’s not long before the tent flaps are open, and artificial light is bleeding through
>”Ryuuko-kun, have you seen-”
>your eyelids flutter open
>her eyelids flutter open
>Mikisugi Aikurou, ever the pest, is standing there
>thankfully, the blanket surrounding the two of you has kept your modesty
>however, there’s little to be done about the two of you holding one another
>resting in each other’s arms
>”A-are those...rose petals?”
>taking a deep breath, and lamenting Ryuuko’s need for a more “romantic” atmosphere, you glare at the Nudist with all of your might
>Take your leave, pig
>he’s gone so quick you could swear he had Life Fibers in his feet
>Ryuuko chuckles a little and asks if that was necessary
>of course, you insist
>moving to get up, a hand on your arm halts your movements
>”I’m not done cuddling, onee~chan~”
>suddenly, you’re back to square one
>naked in the arms of your imouto and lover
>hoping to save face, looking for some way to salvage your pride, you ponder
>she called you onee-chan again
>you could always tell her that there are other things to worry about
>Hold me tighter, you ask her
>giving you an Eskimo kiss, she happily complies

At first I read it as giving your eskimo a kiss
File: yes, yes this will do.gif (426.57 KB, 281x281)
426.57 KB
426.57 KB GIF
Now, Pastebin. The time has come.

Accept my throbbing entry into your archive.
All Satsuki/Ryuko sex is scissoring, try to keep up.
File: image.jpg (364.75 KB, 1049x1267)
364.75 KB
364.75 KB JPG
Great. Now who could win the Ryuko?
mako and only mako
File: klk_scissors.png (1.40 MB, 680x1049)
1.40 MB
1.40 MB PNG
>this turns out true
It was bound to be.
That's just a way for Satsuki to keep her for herself.
>all three of them
I appreciate your writefaggotry, but am I really the only one who only wants tender sisterly non-sexual love for them?
>I appreciate your writefaggotry, but am I really the only one who only wants tender sisterly non-sexual love for them?
i bet you kiss girls you big faggot
File: ishiggypiggy.png (443.97 KB, 602x553)
443.97 KB
443.97 KB PNG
At long last.



I hope that's not a serious question.

Of course, god damn it.

Of course NOT, I mean.

I'm just one of many other anons hoping for some really tender, non-sexual imouto love in the near future.

I just hope TRIGGER doesn't ruin everything.
>two nonon's writefags
File: Spoiler Image (10.24 KB, 241x210)
10.24 KB
10.24 KB JPG

There can only be one, anon.

I am alone, I am myself.


>b-but what if you disappear
>what if you stop writing
>what if the ride ends
File: by Tetsuya Wakano.jpg (131.77 KB, 640x485)
131.77 KB
131.77 KB JPG

Mako seems to be a strong choice.


But what if that ends up as a one-sided stuff? Or one of the two die?
File: Kus Kus.png (589.39 KB, 786x720)
589.39 KB
589.39 KB PNG
Just finished episode 1 to see what the ruckus was about. It's very fun to watched but that's because its Trigger. The setting is interesting but the first episode felt very rushed. Fan service is alright and characters are cliche as FUCK. Souther best girl and the story seems out of place. You don't yet give a fuck about Ryouko's dad.

6/10 so far.
File: image.jpg (297.20 KB, 1000x1500)
297.20 KB
297.20 KB JPG
I'm a huge Gamakofag and I honestly think in the show it's one-sided. Mako only feels friendship and love for Ryuko
What if the lewd sisters end their ride.
Yeah, the 2nd ED is pretty Mako -> Ryūko, and it was directly requested by the production staff.

Then I will continue hypothetical written adventures about them in their memory.
You're blessed by the gods, writefag.
File: 1376553277543.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG

I am only a fraction of your potential, of the human potential.

Anything that I can do, you can do. Anything I can do, you can do better. If you choose to, that is.

Don't lose your way.
>Those two extra tumbling downs.
File: 1388547138490.jpg (55.54 KB, 613x587)
55.54 KB
55.54 KB JPG
File: 1384881424590.png (237.56 KB, 376x488)
237.56 KB
237.56 KB PNG
>be me
>first day at new job: cashier at the stationer's
>while cleaning the table I hear a loud thump and a small quake, followed by metallic tingling
>a huge motherfucking behemoth is standing in front of the register, his shadow engulfing me
>with a menacing but somewhat worried look on his face, he lets something fall on the table from his slightly sweaty and almost imperceptibly shaking hand
>it's a letter, a pink pen and a little cute pink bunny clip
>my fucking face when
File: 1385351302237.jpg (21.80 KB, 800x600)
21.80 KB
21.80 KB JPG
Gamagoori acting shy is pretty moe. I love it.
File: Good times.jpg (375.11 KB, 1230x760)
375.11 KB
375.11 KB JPG
I won't let this thread be kill.
It's not like I'm bumping this thread or anything
File: 1392263854740.png (179.72 KB, 500x280)
179.72 KB
179.72 KB PNG
>Nonon's Writefag
>Severe Nonon deficiency

Nigga you ain't done shit, last reply was 23 minutes ago.

I'd rather not spam my incestuous love story all over the KLK threads, so keeping this one alive is the priority.

I appreciate your cooperation, you b-baka.
File: 2perfect4anyone.png (264.83 KB, 409x714)
264.83 KB
264.83 KB PNG

pls no

Nonon I'm sorry, it's just all this imouto business is making my heart go doki doki

pls Nonon ;_;

Here are relevant links, then.

>Implying you wouldn't strip down and ask to be initiated by all the men in nudist beach if you were a girl.
You got me.
they're not gay.
File: lolgay.jpg (22.72 KB, 362x359)
22.72 KB
22.72 KB JPG

No, but you are.
What if she wants Uzu's D?
Nothing is gonna happen between them.
SatsukiXNonon and RyuukoXMako are still the most sensible pairings.

So this is how the thread dies. Not with a cry, or a bang, but with a shipperfag's whimper.

Oh well.
You could save it with more writefaggotry.
File: KAMUI NTR.jpg (1.56 MB, 2894x3768)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Ehat do you mean by "sensible"
Don't mind it, he's been shitposting for two days saying that the nips hate incest.
I think your samefag detector is broken, anon. I like incest, but Ryuuko is just much more compatible with Mako.
Kiryuuin master race
Ragyo /wishes/ she was this fabulous.
File: 1389217477740.gif (496.38 KB, 500x455)
496.38 KB
496.38 KB GIF
all of those /u/ fanart is now tagged 'incest'

this is why i drawfag after season finish
File: fairy.jpg (82.98 KB, 600x500)
82.98 KB
82.98 KB JPG
If you're a drawfag, do a Ryuko/Senketsu variant on this.
Has anyone made a gif of when Ragyo grabs Satsukis crotch yet?
nearly a 100 times
>Satsuki will never be your onee-chan
>Ryuko will never be your imouto
Why bother to live
File: 4894948516156.jpg (55.41 KB, 599x337)
55.41 KB
55.41 KB JPG
File: 1392075505230.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
So much weaboo faggotry in one thread
Someone rewrite this so it's the reader making love to Satsuki.

Incest and yuri a shit. Be happy Ryuuko is your cool sister-in-law, none of this bullshit.

>Satsuki will only ever be real in your heart
>Ryuuko will never be your imouto-in-law
So who wants to bet Satsuki is going to take the other scissor-blade from Nui?
If 95% of the Satsuki pornography becomes stupid fucking yuri bullshit I swear to fucking god...
File: Spoiler Image (142.41 KB, 1366x768)
142.41 KB
142.41 KB JPG

The color scheme matches and Bakuzan went to shit. It's going to happen.

Also, Gattai + Hissatsu
best would be, if it turns out in a later episode that they are not sisters after all
>my little imouto is monsters

We already have pupa doing this right now

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