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Badass MC edition.

Your plot must star a highly competent, confident, strong, or otherwise well-powered MC.

No longer are the days of beta-second-year-kun.
Little girls skateboarding competitively against other little girls.
Kaze no Stigma. But less shit cliches, more good cliches.
Here's something I hope to write one day:

alpha-as-fuck multi-billionaire 17-year old hopes to buy himself into movie stardom as a war-action hero.
>a port town
>run by pirates
>the pirates are vicious and stuff, but they're actually really good for the town
>they protect it because the townsfolk let them stay there in luxury
>there's probably a plot
>but I don't know what it is
>starring Pirate Lord-kun whose name is spoken in fear
>definitely a harem end to the romantic element, with at least two girls resigning themselves to sharing Pirate Lord-kun
MC is an intelligent bussiness man working for the entertainment industry, episodes focus on how he works systems to get his clients exposure while working against fierce competition
I'd watch it.
MC is a man who can read an artist's soul through their works.

He's a critic by day, a detective by night. He tracks down serial killers and says the feng shui of the severed body parts they left behind was terrible.
>Alternate earth in the near future
>Building and piloting mecha is considered a hobby, like archery or target shooting
>Unknown to their builders, mecha run on CONFIDENCE. More confident the pilot, the better they perform
>Can even produce dakka from nowhere, fire near infinite shells and rockets if pilot believes hard enough
>Suddenly, alien invasion!
>Most of planet thoroughly demoralized, even the military mecha aren't doing very well
>MC is a random guy living in Jersey, just finished designing his first mecha
>Not enough money for top-tier components, so had to build half of it out of junk and car parts
>Takes it out for a test drive,
>theme music
>Set in a war zone
>Futuristic with power suits and stuff but basically based on real war and its atrocities.
>MC is a squad leader positioned in a FOB with the highest level of fighting and casualty rates
>Things just don't ever go MC's way
>He has heavy PTSD, he keeps losing people in his squad, his mother back home is suffering from Alzheimers and is forgetting him and his dependopotamus wife is cheating on him
>Despite all this he never loses face in front of his men
>MC acts tough and cheerful in scenes where he's around others and is competent as fuck when giving orders
>Other times it shows him receiving bad news and then just staring blankly into space internalizing everything so it won't show in front of others
>He secretly contemplates suicide but in one episode one of his men actually does commit suicide and MC starts counseling the rest of his squad
>From then on he shoulders his squads burdens as well as his own and still never loses face
>an aspiring novelist is forced to put his dreams on hold when he is drafted into the army after world war three begins
>he writes letters home to his family telling them that he is fine and assuring them that everything is okay
>but he also writes to a woman
>she is also an aspiring novelist and they are something like rivals - often having competed for the same prizes in the same competitions
>but unlike his letters that go to his family, the ones he sends to her reflect how he really sees the war
>he writes almost as though the things happening around him are fiction
>lives are afforded no importance in the face of the fact that people are only characters and authors can kill as many characters as they like
>similar to this he makes other disturbing observations such as those about how some soldiers revel in the blood shed and how little their lives appear to be worth in the grand scheme of the war
>the strangest part though is that he blends in fantastical elements; he writes like this is some grand book that he hopes to publish upon his return
>but the fantastical elements (e.g. his squad is being bombed but all he sees is a great monster rampaging through the trenches and tearing men limb from limb) are his way of coping with what his brain does not want to properly comprehend
>she finds this completely heart breaking as he was always a gentle kind of person and his growing savagery begins to shine through as the letters continue to arrive
>unbeknownst to him, the girl decides that the world should see an account of the war like that and has his letters published in newspapers - local ones at first, but large international publications as his writing gains popularity
>through the words of someone who doesn't know how to deal with the war and what he has become having seen and caused death, the weight of the war begins to weigh heavily on the people, and the citizens of the world begin to force their governments to lay down arms
Perverted person with uncontrollable gender shifting tries to keep their preferences heterosexual, but accidentally does gay shit all the time because they forget what gender they are.
yakuza taxi cab driver
Fuck you, i will use any MC i want!

"Have you ever punched someone so hard, that they became a door?"

One day common MC and school troupe of friends are fooling around in between classes, when suddenly...
A mean looking muscle man falls trough the window of the classroom, hes followed by another moustached muscleman wearing a tux and a small facemask.

Both start having an all out brawl in the school hallways, breaking shit and stuff

The mean muscleman throws a piece of furniture and by accident hits MCs childhood friend.
MC grabs a baseball bat and tries to beat the bad guy, but the opponent doesn't even flinch after the attack.
Using it as a distraction the elegant muscleman punch the villain so hard that the sound of the impact brakes the nearby windows

MC stares startled as the bad guy turns into a steel door. The elegant muscleman opens it and walkstrough. MC drops the bat and follows him. The door vanishes in front of all his classmates.

MC is then introduced to a strange group of masked men and women.

They fight those who they call "The antagonists", beings who seem human but follow a secret agenda. Among their strange properties is the most notorious, they become doors when defeated. But not everyone can open said doors.
MC wrestles bears by night and works in a ramen shop by day.
The bears are actually evil Alien gods reincarnated as bears...right?
>Battle shounen
>5 MCs in a squad working for big mercenary company
>All MCs have amnesia and slowly learn of their pasts, some edgier than others
>Each MC has super powers relative to the families they've come from
>World dominated by an evil overlord that killed God and destroyed afterlife
>MC wakes up in the ruins of his village, however he has no recollection of his past, he remembers that the evil-overlord killed everyone he loved and destroyed his village
>He decides that he is going murder that fucker, but he needs help and preparation
>In his journey he meets a lot of people and forms a party of colorful characters who also seek vengeance
>He arrives at the castle of the bad guy
>However the overlord is not there, only his scepter
>MC touches the scepter and suddenly he remembers...HE WAS THE BAD GUY ALL ALONG! He did all this shit because he was bored and wanted to create a party with enough power to be an entertaining match, also to give the world a huge hope spot just to crush it
>In the end most of the party is dead, but they still manage to kill the bad guy

270 episodes.
>out of nowhere all people on earth freeze in place
>skip forwards far into the future
>cities are ruined and overgrown
>animals have evolved to suit these environments and have become much more dangerous
>everyone wakes up
>the have no memories
>can't talk
>only basic instinct
>everyone acting like cavemen and using forgotten technology in silly ways to hunt beasts
>MC is alpha male chief of a small tribe who wants to take over the city

Looks like this without the spaceships
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222.57 KB PNG
MC is a badass genetically altered super soldiet raised to defeat enemies of freedom and democracy. But now he must take on a new mission. Becoming the main-bodyguard for the president. However what he didn't expect was that the president is a cute little girl who spends her time doing cute things.Will he be a bad enough dude to give the president the D?
Just regular bears.
He was raised by them, and must now establish his place in the sleuth.
>MC is a security guard turned multi-world warhero through
meeting FMC (who is a scientist from another world) and usurping the thrown of the other world's King.
>starts of as a drama/romance of a security guard, MC, at a mental hospital for the criminally insane falling in love with FMC, a patient.
>FMC is actually a succubus type character from the other world sent to learn about our world.
>MC breaks FMC out of hospital. Cat and Mouse with police and government.
>FMC suggests a way out: return to her world
>they go
>discover huge plot to destroy the human world
>start a war
>final season win

MC attains bad assery through hard work and communications and rules all worlds.
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402.92 KB PNG
Are they space mercenaries with poses that inspire fear in their enemies hearts?
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help

>MC is a badass that wins fights easily
>fantastic medieval setting
>MC is some fierce mercenary. He used to be in the army but was way too loyal to his own code and concept of justice to be a mindless soldier.
>Went around the world fghting the fights he wanted to fight and saving those he considered were worth saving.
>In the present, he is almost a legend. The country in which he was born has been fighting against a neighbourhouring country for years.
>MC gets recruited along other mercenaries, they give him a small party and send him into suicidal missions.
>Some government fag who knew MC when he was in the army tells him about the evil shit the other country has done and convices him of doing all the shit they are asking him to do
>During his adventures, he meets different people that end up joining his party (a warlock that serves as the party tactician, a priestess that serves as a healer, etc.)
>With their strenght combined, they manage to survive all those missions and put an end to the war
>As he puts an end to the enemy king, MC realizes the guy wasn´t as evil as his old friend told him.
>Realizing he has been tricked, MC calls all the allies he made during his adventures and starts his biggest adventure: a massive campaign to conquer the world and put and end to corruption and tiranny.
>After lots of hardships, betrayals and some emotional deaths, MC manages to conquer the world...but dies in the process
>His allies carry on his dream and the peace finally comes to the world
Inspired by Kuroinu.
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>a fantasy setting
>I'm talking wizards, dragons, centaurs, all that good shit
>a lich slumbers on a bone throne in an old swamp
>some shit-eating kid brings his little sister to the abandoned lich manor to scare her
>she's not scared by the stuff lying around the manor, "Oh wow, is that a skeleton? Cool!", etc
>accidentally wakes up the lich
>Lich tries to spook her, fails
>she won't go away, insists on being his apprentice
>slowly starts to thaw at his icy heart until he agrees to leave the swamp with her
>they go around using their magic to help people
>word gets out to the kingdom that the ancient lich has revived, they send an army to flatten the town next to the swamp
>necromantic battle follows, the little girl gets gravely injured
>lich destroys his own phylactery to revive her
>she holds him in her arms as he slowly fades away
>"I've never felt more alive"
Would so watch
>Brothers in Arms in the future
Not a bad thing, because Brother's in Arms actually has a great story.
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566.35 KB PNG
I was thinking about reversing the trope of samurai in the old west.

>Post Fall of Humanity/ Neo-Dark Ages
>Japan is in a period of warring states and in isolation. Guns are rare so most armies are fighting sword to sword.
>Enter an american mercenary and gunslinger after being shipwrecked in Japan he quickly becomes known as the Demon of the East due to his combat abilities at long and close range.
>That was many years ago.
>The basic premise of the show is that he is past his prime and now hated throughout the land, even though he secretly has a heart of gold and a strong sense of duty, due to his rough exterior and foreignness (he only speaks english).
>Until one day a young woman with a young boy, who she claim to be his son, enter the bar he is currently wasting away in and demands that he gets off his ass and save the boy's mother and the Empress who she is working for from an invading warlord.
>He rejects and the young woman with the boy leave but she was followed and captured outside the bar by mercenaries working for the warlord.
>The leader of the mercenaries calls him out and so begins a series of bad assery.
>MC is basically a demigod
>Flies, telekinesis, all that b.s., etc...
>Very infrequently uses his powers for anything legitimately important
>Mostly just goes around trolling everybody that he meets
>Delves into and lampoons every major genre of anime
Hockey anime, main character is manlet who's willing to fight anybody on the ice even if it means getting his shit pushed in a la Theo Fleury.
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437.07 KB JPG
I didn't come here to be sad, anon

but now that I think about it, is there an anime/mango with a prominent lich character?
All I can think of are comic relief skeleton side-characters
>MC makes a contract with the God of Upskirts
>which means he gets serious super powers, but they mainly facilitate getting a look up skirts
>he must fight the school perv, a photo club nerd who creeps all the girls out,
>he absolutely destroys the nerd with ease and goes back to peaking at pantsu
the mc starts as a street fighter. he didn't do anything major other than picking bar fights or anything like that, but he made some enemies and gets jumped. he gets his legs, 2 ribs broken, his shoulder dislocated, a concussion and a skull fracture.

during his time in the hospital the bills rack up and he gets pissed and swears he will fuck up anyone who gets in his way the first chance he can

he gets into an arranged fight, necessary to pay his hospital bills when he gets out, against someone who he used to fight often all the time and always win. however, after 2 months in the hospital and only 2 weeks of training, he gets destroyed and falls deep into debt

he disappears off the face of the map and turns to mugging random people just to get by. eventually he sees one of the people who jumped him, recognisable by a tattoo of a skull on the back of his hands. rage burning inside, he stabs him in the back of the head with a piece of broken glass, killing him

the mc now realizes that he has wasted part of his life, and that killing one of his enemies made him the happiest he's been in a long time

he proceeds to train until he can fight the last 4 people who ruined his life, and finally achieve true vengeance. however, the last man is too strong, and he is forced to do whatever it'll take to win, turning to steroids and other peds

he loses the fight and his body breaks down again. he forever loses his chance to have his revenge the way he wants
>MC is an ordynary highschooler is an ordinary highschool boy
>one day he's teleported to a magical land where he becomes a hero (he has no powers but gets a lot of magical weapons and stuff)
>pass like 3 years in that world
>after defeat one powerful enemy MC returns to his original world with nothing but his memories of the other world
>only 3 days have passed in his original world

End of the first episode, now the story follows MC as he lives his daily life after being changed by his 3 years living as a hero, getting into fight with gangs and shit
>MC is a normal, cheerful High School girl
>One day, a mysterious creature who works for "the forces of good" gives her superpowers, so she becomes a magical girl
.>She tries to use her powers for good, however since there's no big-bad and the world is too full of individual problems, she starts using her powers for her own amusement,
>Eventually becomes a super-powered hedonistic bitch
>The creature has no control over the MC, so it transforms other girls into magical girls so that they can stop the MC
>All of them become corrupted by power in different ways, throwing the world in a state of chaos and disarray as they fight each other for petty reasons
>The creature its too weakened to create another magical girl, so he gives its life to give powers to one final girl, with the ability to absorb power from other magical girls
>Now the new MC must go around the world killing and absorbing other magical girls

Meta is funny. Would watch.
shamelessly trying to attract attention to my story
>World is set in an fantasy universe with magic, demi-humans, elves, dragons, ect. Everyone here as an ability which they will find a use for either in their occupation, daily life, or combat.
>World is divided into primarily 3 parts: land, sky, and ocean; each of these places are inhabited by people who have abilities that allowed them to live and strive off these conditions.
>MC originates from the land and has the ability to control gravity centered around himself and fights with his bare fists. By pulling in opponents it will force them to come at him at max speed no matter what and at the split second he stops it and goes for a counter hit, dealing massive damage. If he ends up fighting against a caster he pushes their projectiles away from himself and have them circle around him creating a temporary satellite barrier. His day job involves him using his to clean up garbage, he's the garbage man of the town. He knows someone has to do it and actually enjoys the work and everyone appreciates him for it since no one else wants to take out the trash.
>Story involves MC trying to compete in the annual festival events hosted by the main capital to decide who will represent them in the worldly cup tournament team
>The day the festival begins though, the capital and all its neighboring towns is attacked by a group of people who live in the sky, the Empire of the Clouds
>After seeing the festival ruined, MC rushes to his hometown where he finds that his whole home is in ruins and is unable to find his parents
>A bolt of lightning comes down from a cloud and strikes the ground in front of MC and has 3 clouds descend towards him. One these clouds are the rulers of the Empire of the Clouds who say they eliminate all those who are under them
>MC won't let them and decides that he will defeat them and when he does, he will gravitate them and their kingdom into the volcano
>MC now joins together with a group of other newly created refugees to fight back against the sky
>Setting is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world straight out of a Metal album cover.
>Over-the-top tone with DMC/MGR-style fights
>MC is a wandering mercenary/demon hunter with dark powers and a big-ass sword.
>MC's goal is to find the demon who killed her lover for revengeance
>episodes deal with MC traveling from place to place, killing any demons and demon lords she comes across, picking up a few ally's along the way. All the while slowly gaining more info on the whereabouts of her lovers killer
>Main rival/second MC is a sword-wielding warrior of the Holy Order with light-powers,
>Rival is trying to find her own path of justice, with her journey and character development paralleling the MC's
>After a long journey, and several clashes, both MC's finally reach their respective destinations
> Both MC's have epic climactic duels with their personal antagonists
>Their goals fulfilled, the two rivals finally reunite.Each aware of what the other went through, they decide to have one last duel to settle their rivalry once and for all
>Last episode is the duel between the two MC's
>Ends with a short timeskip detailing on what the cast did after their adventures

>Episode count: 26
>Soundtrack consists of music of various Metal bands. Essentially being the Metal equivalent to Samurai Champloo.
That sounds incredibly light heated for a metal show. Power metal only?
With good writing 10/10
MC is your typical weak beta male who suddenly gets transported into a world where the population is even more weak and beta than him.
What would be a good ending for that?
And it shall be called: Alpha By Default
Chuunibyo 1 season story with A college hipster girl instead of Utah and a 1 senior high school artistic autistic boy in the place of rikka.
Also dekomori role is played by the tsundere half brother of the boy.
File: ahe.jpg (13.35 KB, 250x240)
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13.35 KB JPG
Harry Potter remade into 7 anime films...
She realizes the creature is the true source of evil since it just gave power to innocent little girls without even telling them what they should do with it.
The creature told her to absorbe the girls so that he could regain his powers. She beats her and frees the other girls at expense of her powers.
It takes place in a world where every story written creates a world of itself. The MC is a story police who travels through many different peoples' stories and makes sure their stories don't break the laws. It's an episodic anime where each episode takes place in a different story with MC either fighting story crimes or being effected by something in the episode's specific story.
WWII anime about the hardships of war and the glory of triumph from the point of view of the axis powers. Not the collective group, but the people that just got dragged up into it and made into soldiers.
A magical girls anime where all their bellies show.
>MC total badass, fucks all the grills at his high school
>Magic genie-chan shows up and grants him a wish
>He turns into a grill but has to switch HS because switching genders overnight doesn't just go unnoticed
>MC shamelessly becomes new school's slut
She has to absorb the creature who is still creating magical girls, now corrupted with power like the other girls. She now uses her absorbing powers to ensure that she is the only magical girl in the world, an eventually uses her powers for world conquest.
Good guy becomes villain.
I cry everytyme
There's plenty of demonic/occult stuff, and flashbacks will have a more darker tone to them.

Think of it as if Kill la Kill met Guilty Gear
>Set in Historical Fiction/Fantasy setting
>MC is 8th child and 6th son of a businessman and in a Japanese culture approximation
>Nation does minor business transactions with out nations
>Other nations hire sell-sword groups to protect their ships
>Ship is in town
>MCs father is doing business in the Harbor
>MCs father is returning home in middle of night
>Accosted by some criminals
>Some sell-sword from one of the stumble upon the scene after being thrown out of a brothel
>Accidentally save MCs dad
>MCs dad starts doing business with guys who hired these particular sell-swords
>MC joins Sell-Sword group
>MC travels world with Sell-Sword group
>MC fights the battles of others
>MC gets drunk and fucks prostitutes often
>Sci-Fi Space Age Setting
>Two Nations/Empires; Freedom-Capitalist Nation & Military-Communist Nation
>Lasers develop to the extent of being used as missile defense very successfully and to a large degree kick the ass of artillery.
>Unfortunately, Lasers are too weak to severely damage most large cruisers, and Missiles are too often destroyed before being able to hit large cruisers.
>Ships are forced to either get extremely close to launch missiles or dock or collide with other ships to deal damage.
>Planetary invasions require landing into the planet
>Few aircraft used due to obvious concern for getting melted by lasers - small aircraft are typically unable to cool plating fast enough to render lasers pointless.
>Capitalist & Communist nations going all out on final communist planet which is very large in size.
>For unknown reasons, human-killing / eating aliens suddenly appear and start wrecking shit against both sides.
>No specific MC - typically going to focus around a base filled to the brim with space marines, tanks, walkers and other shit trying to survive against aliens.
>vary between base defense, and alien hive destruction.
>Maybe switch bases and nations every other episode.
>Final two episodes have combined force of both nations doing nothing but dropping missiles, artillery, and infantry all over a final alien hive/spire. Spaceships are falling into the atmosphere around the hive b/c hive ends up shooting them down from their orbital bombardment (because the few artillery rounds / missiles that get through should be damnably powerful). Attrition bumrush in hopes of victory.
>Humans fail, communist nation planet gets fucked to hell with extreme amounts of aliens. Capitalist nation ends up dropping megatons of nuclear and anti-matter bombs, destroying the planet and most of their forces.
>Aliens going amok in space - renegade without the host base organizing them.
>Cue vague ending that implies a good possibility for S2 to milk cash.
Simple story that tries way too hard to seem complex involving alien string, scissors, school, and half naked girls.

It'd be mediocre at best and run itself in circles for the first 15 episodes, but /a/ will claim it's saving anime literally every week.

There are no good cliches.
File: 1387827996406.jpg (77.60 KB, 512x512)
77.60 KB
77.60 KB JPG
MC is 5 year old half japanese kid that was supposed to flee to Japan with his family during the 90s war in Bosnia.
His parents get murdered with him watching from a place where he was hidden by his mother.
After an outburst of rage he jumped out on the soldier that executed them and stabs him untill he stopped moving.
Fast forward to 2007.
MC is now 17 years old and lives with his grandparents in Osaka.
He's the most popular guy in school because of his abilities in both sports and study and his looks (since he's half european he stands taller and has a more muscular build than the other students).
He works part time as a waiter in a high class restaurant near a American military base.
The job is well paid and the owner of the restaurant treats the MC as if he was his son.
One night on his way from work he catches a bunch of American soldiers trying to gang up on a young girl to rape her.
After remembering his trauma and hate that is directed towards soldiers he attacks them with a pipe he found in an nearby alley.
After knocking out 3 of the 4 assailants he grabs the girl and runs of with her.
Afterwards the story turns into a murderous rom-com with him dealing ''justice'' and kidnapping and torturing corrupt military officials and soldiers getting them to confess their deeds each time leaving them mindbroken infront of the same police station his grandfather works in.
Giant robots playing sports.
MC isn't remarkably skilled, just works really hard to compete with the best.
File: img002.jpg (178.64 KB, 1023x1007)
178.64 KB
178.64 KB JPG

A story about a war between two (actually three) nations for reasons they are not really sure. it focuses on an inexperienced platoon leader and his battle hardened female platoon sergeant, Koba. the 'goodguys' are Russianesque, while the 'badguys' are franco-germanesque. the third country is a mishmash of commonwealth countries and their allies (UK, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Israel). both countries blame the other for starting the war, and are fighting it in the third country that sits between them (like with belgium during both world wars). we get to see characters on the 'badguy's' side, but they are killed off unceremoniously. (basically, they just don’t show up anymore, and if you go back and freezeframe it, and look at the faces of the random background badguys that get blasted away, it’s them).
Other minor subplots involve a fighter pilot and a tank crew

The war is won when the general on the 'goodguys' overseas the development of the first combat mechs, breaking the stalemate much like tanks in WWI. The mechpilots are the heroes, and no one gives a shit about the main characters at the end. Emphasis is on making the mech’s as realistic as possible, relegated to a niche role. Something that /k/ couldn’t bitch at.

The theme of the show is political realism (the underlying reason for war is international anarchy), and one of the officers in the Belgium-eque country gives a speech about how both sides ravaged his homeland for the most childish reason imaginable: because no one told them not to.
The actual mystery of the plot happens in the background: we see only snippets of it in the context of the platoon’s interaction with the general and with the minor characters
In between the action scenes we get lighthearted scenes of the platoon doing what soldiers do: cute things, playing pranks on each other, sleeping, drinking, and generally trying to distance themselves from the war.
File: 1350195938475.png (262.96 KB, 550x517)
262.96 KB
262.96 KB PNG
The two MCs have to deal with running away from their past. The officer dumps his girlfriend before joining the military because he’s afraid to have her see him come back in a bodybag. The platoon sergeant was stabbed by some crazed drug addict and put into the hospital. While she was there, her town was massacred in a bombing, killing her family (see: Guernica massacre). She decides to enlist as soon as she is discharged, and hasn’t gone back to the town nor her parents funeral/grave. Because of her stab wounds to the abdomen, she can never have children. As for what she’s like, Imagine Haruko Haruhara with scars across her abdomen and wielding an AN-94 instead of les paul. HNNNG worthy moments including the Sergeant getting through bootcamp and not having her parents to pin her badge to her uniform, so her drill sergeant pins it and says that he’s proud of her, and hopes that she’ll make a good soldier.

the general finds out the war was started by what were falseflag attacks from the only country that was neutral in the war to make a profit on it -- an always neutral mad dog whore nation like Switzerland (that profited like crazy off the Nazi warmachine) He kills himself when he comes to grips that he can't let the world know the truth or else war will start all over again. the main character is shot by a sniper who was not aware that the peace treaty had been ratified only ten minutes ago, leaving the audience to decide whether or not he died As the stretcher carries the MC off and he begins to flatline, the sergeants says kimochi warui
>not 8 anime films
wow that's depressing
Best one, the rest of you can fuck off.
File: 1390427132464.png (471.59 KB, 650x561)
471.59 KB
471.59 KB PNG
All stories are the same garbage deep down. It's all in the execution.
Its about this totally badass MC who wears a leather jacket and has a katana and he transfers from another school and on the first day of school theres a girl who is running because she is late and she has a toast in her mouth and the MC cuts the toast in half with his katana and says something really cool like "bitch you better set your alarm clock on earlier so you wont be late from school" thne when he gets to school all the taecher are like you better wear this unifrom and he is like no way and kills them all and then he takes the toast girl as hostage and they run away and then she falls in love with him and the show is them running away from da police and the shows ends when they both get shot bonnie and clyde style
>Harry Potter anime series with each book getting its own season

Just think of the possibilities for filler!
MC is the president of the United States who decided that relying on his military to do his dirty work was getting him nowhere. Hence, he had the R&D department construct a power armour just for him and uses it to take on the entire world so he could conquer it and claim the world as his own, dubbing it the United Continents of America.

Sounds like fanfiction.
>A Kantai Collection SOL comedy anime (no romance), set after a war had just ended
>3 high-rankers in charge of a naval base
>Childhood friends who attended the same high school but who attained their officership in different ways
>Leader is a vice-admiral who has insane charisma and was said to be an incubus incarnate while in high school
>Went through naval officer academy and worked his way up
>Reassigned due to disagreements with higher-ups since he prefers to settle things peacefully but his higher-ups are warmongers
>2nd in command (in charge of admin affairs) is a rear admiral who has tactical and strategic wits able to easily outwit the likes of Zhuge Liang, but constantly mixes up the names of the ship girls (with the exception of Ikazuchi and Inazuma, for some reason, as well as Fubuki)
>Was recruited after he held back a fleet of 100+ ships with all either sunk or captured, with nothing more than 2 fishing boats (he lost one of them, and considers it his greatest failure)
>Reassigned due to superiors and peers alike getting annoyed at the fact that he kept mixing their names up (his subordinates don't have much of a choice though)
>3rd in command (in charge of internal discipline) is a rear admiral who fought in the last war and single-handedly sank enemy ships with nothing more than sheer badassery
>Used to be an army special forces soldier; his achievements include hijacking an enemy plane during an amphibious battle (got on an ally plane, jumped off it, landed on an enemy plane, threw out its pilot, piloted the plane himself and shot down the enemy planes) before landing on an aircraft carrier where he got scouted by the strategist
>Injured in the final decisive battle of the war so he's reassigned to a desk job while recuperating
>already at the end of a bloody roar
>end Boss burned to ashes almost the whole world
>MC unlocks the most taboo power ever
>Life Leech
>everything around him decays and dies
>a whole continent falls in the last battle
>before he falls he decided to wipe out all future threats to humanity
His journey in the Land of the Dead and Demons starts , taking down everything down with him before he fades away
I just had a dream about this, so spare me if I am not too badass.

New year starting MC doesn't have classes yet because he is in his last year of law.
Decides to visit the uni anyway and takes a walk up the mountain on which it is located.
Uni is actually a large park like place with several single story buildings of baroque-like architecture.

MC walks around looking at what is going on inside the buildings and soon finds a group of his friends who invite him to go "invade a class" that just started.
With nothing better to do, MC goes to check on the class with his friends and they enter it from the back (the class has doors spread over its whole length, which directly give on the courtyard).
As they enter, MC hears the teacher singing in japanese and assumes they got in a music class with a weeaboo teacher.
Wanting to take the class seriously nonetheless, MC decides to not seat in the back, but right in the middle rows, and ends up sitting next to a shy looking girl.
>already at the end of a bloody war
>end Boss burned to ashes almost the whole world
>MC unlocks the most taboo power ever
>Life Leech
>everything around him decays and dies
>a whole continent falls in the last battle
>before he falls he decided to wipe out all future threats to humanity
His journey in the Land of the Dead and Demons starts , taking down everything down with him before he fades away
File: Ami_kawashima.jpg (28.34 KB, 631x480)
28.34 KB
28.34 KB JPG
I'll repost a few

>Tokyo Waltz
Drama, Urban Fantasy
Based on the story of Orpheus
After throwing his career away, a struggling blues musician's wife sells her soul to the devil to give him talent. Later, after sky rocketing to fame, the devil collects her soul. He tries to stop them with his music, but his powers, being demonic in nature, can't save her. He abandons his gifts and sets out to find the muses of the Blues, Jazz, and Rock and Roll so he can descend into Hell and save his wife. Along the way he picks up a guitarist with a red right hand and a blind pianist. They're pursued by the devil's two agents, a man with a golden gun which pierces the soul and a J-Pop Idol temptress.

>Come Fly With Me
Sci-Fi, Adventure
30 years ago, a famous explorer's expedition is lost in orbit around Jupiter. Fast forward, and a girl and her family have just moved to the new colony in the clouds of Jupiter. One day, while riding her scooter over the clouds, she comes across a gaseous alien life form and chases it into the clouds. There, she finds an abandoned alien city. The alien bonds with her, giving her access to the alien technology. She finds a gate which throws her across time and space to the abandoned ship of the explorer. She finds notes detailing First Contact, a hostile alien empire planing to invade Earth, and a map of the stars. Having no other place to go, decides to follow the explorer's notes into space.
File: 1357503813339.gif (114.02 KB, 170x170)
114.02 KB
114.02 KB GIF
>Iron Cossacks
War, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Set in the last and largest remaining colony orbiting Earth during a war between Earth and her colonies. A noblewoman trying to escape the battle is caught between the rivalry of the commanding officers of the Colonies and of Earth. The Earth commander is Pavlov, pilot of the Iron Cossack. The Colonies are lead by Manstein, pilot of the Eagle of Saturn.
File: one.png (136 bytes, 32x32)
136 bytes
136 bytes PNG
I've got the literary writing skills of a toaster so please bear with me. So, there's a main character. His name isn't important, but let's call him anon. Anon is your typical popular highschooler with a secret -- he's dying of a terminal illness.

Okay never mind this was a bad idea. Anyone's free to expand on this but I don't really know where I was going.
As the teacher asks the students to write down the song, MC realises he can't read whatever is on the blackboard for shit, and that it is probably japanese class rather than music class.
He then looks through what is on the desk he shares with his neighbor, and finds japanese looking characters written all over the papers, one with "Alissa Allisson" and "350/350" written on it in red.
He thinks to himself "Alissa Allisson heh? What a weird name" and decides to pack his things up and leave the class.
Putting his bag on his lap, MC starts stuffing his things in, but the girl next to him bumps her elbow in it while writing and starts crying.
The girl asks him what the hell he was doing.
MC starts apologizing calmly and tells her he realized he got in the wrong class and will leave and never bother her anymore.
Alissa Allisson starts crying even more.
"You there!" A yell is heard in the classroom, as the teacher charges to MC.
"Why did you make one of my cute students cry?"
MC explains that he mistook the class for music class and wanted to give it a try but it was actually japanese class and he doesn't know any japanese (even though he watches subbed anime and reads subbed manga, but he doesn't tell them this).

"Oh well, it can't be helped then, but come back if you ever feel like learning japanese!" the teacher tells him while nodding and holding his chin with his right hand while supporting his right elbow with his left hand.
"Good bye" Slightly bowing his head, MC stands up and starts leaving.

But at that moment, MC feels something tugging at his uniform.
As he turns around, he sees Alissa Allison has almost stopped crying but small tears run down her cheeks while she is still grabbing on his uniform's jacket.
"Please, don't leave, I'll teach you japanese and help you catch up, so please, attend the class okay?"

Opening begins.
New school year story additional info:
MC is of chinese descent, which is why he is a little ashamed of having anything to do with the japanese language.
Alissa Allison looks asian, but we don't know what kind.
Teacher is named Komine Shiki, his name being written on the name tag clipped on his shirt. But Komine is actually his first name.
The story is set in a western country with an history of asian immigration.
>MC is a bookworm and goes to library frequently.
>Used to the librarians but there is a QT2.71 employee girl approximately the same age as the MC.
>MC is too fucking beta to approach her.
>One day MC hears muffled yelps coming from the bathroom in the library.
>MC enters and finds a huge black man raping the grill.
>MC bashes his fucking brains out with a copy of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" (the MC is a Nihilist and wants Nietzsche in the butt.)
>Black man is dead.
>Grill pisses herself.
>MC and grill run out of the library and they part ways.
>Later MC gets call on cell saying that grill was actually genie and he gets three wishes.
More to come?
a group of middle aged men with powers who talk about how they should use their powers
Okay, I'll bear with you. For example,

>17th century, Caribbean archipelago. An epidemy of bubonic plague is routing MC's colony (let's say that the colony is English, for example). MC is also terminally ill with it. The England sends army to maintain quarantine and wipe out any possible plague-bearers. MC teams up with a rag-tag team of a black female baker, a little street thief boy, and a former city guard who turned bandit, who are all also infected, to capture the ship and try to escape.
Do you just have like a random word generator that you use to add completely abstract stuff into your stories to make them more creative?
No, it's all in my brains, for better or worse.
And I hope this doesn't come off as an insult because it was pretty good 5/5
File: 1390233004952.jpg (186.49 KB, 932x738)
186.49 KB
186.49 KB JPG
A successful and strict office-worker switches bodies with his 8 year-old daughter.
Over time he learns from the guys at the elementary school how to have fun again and how important friends are, he also learns a lot about his daughter that he didn't use to like before.
He also has to help his daughter manage his work all of the time and his daughter learns a lot about her father. She also finds ways to make his work more fun and more effective.

It's a SoL and comedy anime. I didn't think of a name yet, any ideas?
>the usual beach episode
>fanservice for fujoshit

Oh god please no
MC is a trap with OCD. He transfers a delinquent high school where he gets sexually harassed by other guys. When things go too far, he beats up the delinquents. Turns out, he a transfer student from China, having spent his entire childhood training in Wing Chun.

Because of the state the school is in, his OCD senses go haywire, and he decides to take down the three gang leaders who are responsible for not keeping the place neat and tidy, a muscle-bound guy who specializes in wrestling, a tsundere who trains in Muay Thai, and a smug snake with lots of money.

He takes all of them down. Then, at the very end, when the school no longer tickles his OCD, the previous ganglord of the school returns from prison. Apparently, he punched someone to death because he lost his sense of restraint after an accident made him unable to feel pain.

Finding all the gangs and delinquents gone, our final boss seeks out the MC and challenges him to a fight.

The final battle takes place in a stormy field, both stakes raised as the MC's kung fu skills far exceed the boss' street-fighting, but the boss has actually lost his sense of pain, so he can keep going non-stop.

The battle ends in a draw, the boss falls in love with the MC, they get married and live happily ever after.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.
But... Aren't they the same person anyway? How do you even bang someone in an alternate dimension?

And what does knowing your crushes DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET even accomplish in the end? Unless you want to blackmail her and turn it into a Mind Break hentai....
It's basically Hajime no Ippo but the twist is that the MC is fighting kangaroos.
That's badass as fuck.
>I Am Inside My Eight-Year Old Daughter's Tiny Body
I didn't write it. It's posted all the time in these threads and I think it's a good idea. I imagine deepest darkest secrets would entail stuff like romantic fantasies.
Dunno if something like this already exists but:
>young loli pimp
>father was a yakuza boss before he died
>daughter runs a prostitution ring of socially awkward and sexually inexperienced high school boys&girls
>one day, she starts developing feeling for one of the newcomers
>complications complications
>happy end
You forgot this before the 'happy end'.

>Loli gets raped and turns into a cumslut

That's my Fatal Pulse!
Group of magical girls, except it takes place 20 years after they saved the world. Or the same thing with Mecha pilots. PTSD, estrangement and being bored with the ordinary life + grief over one of their magical girls/co-pilots who died back then.
>MC decides to start a war because peace is boring
and the guy she likes saves her

or rapes her, there'll be a poll before the episode
File: 1376472915654.png (393.81 KB, 431x700)
393.81 KB
393.81 KB PNG
The anime I came up is called "CROSSOVER!".

>The MC's "power" is that he accidentally swithches into alternate dimensions.
>These alternate dimensions are other animes
>the MC always somehow winds up doing stuff for the MCs of their respective animes
>all kinds of crazy shit happens in anime you have watched before, with all the original voice actors etc.
>it's a big crossover between studios and their artists so that the artstyle changes in every episode according to the artstyle of the anime

This would be fucking awesome but it will never happen.
just imagine the possibilities.
I would so watch this
So... Super Anime Wars?
He could have a sidekick names Sam.
C'mon. stay with me here, guys.
Intro episode
>Hero is just some guy
>In a class with three of his exes
>They belittle him at every given chance
>Hero tries to ignore them, occasionally catching them off-guard with a witty quip
>New girl this year: Our Heroine
>Heroine seems to want to fit in, but feels bad about giving Hero a bad time
>Hero notices that every time he makes a quip, Heroine stifles a giggle
>Hero can't help but notice that she's really pretty
Cour 1:
>Hero decides to man up and ask Heroine on a date
>She says yes
>They both decide to keep it secret from their classmates
>Date for a few weeks
>Exes find out
>They try and break them up
>One's motivation is she's petty as fuck and wants to watch him suffer
>Hero reminds her that she hasn't had a boyfriend since him
>Two's motivation is she secretly wants him back
>Hero tells her he doesn't find her attractive any more and that no one will if she doesn't clean up her act
>Three's motivation is she's just come out of the closet to her family and wants to fuck Heroine
>Heroine steps in, kisses Hero on the lips in front of the class, then slaps Three in the face when she loses the plot
Cour 2:
>Heroine's two exes from her old school hear about her new boyfriend
>They assume that he's some kind of delinquent
>One is a rich kid who tries to challenge him to a duel with rapiers
>Hero tells him to fuck off
>Heroine also tells him to fuck off when she finds out
>Two is a delinquent who tries to beat the shit out of Hero on his way to a date with Heroine
>Heroine hears the fight in an alleyway
>She and Hero kick the shit out of her ex together
OVA Specials
>Each one is set after the series
>Pillow talk between Hero and Heroine fleshing out the backgrounds of the antagonists

Badass enough?
Sounds like a shitty LN. Throw in an imouto and you'll make money.
Sounds incredibly shitty.
Sci-fi setting: humanity has conquered the stars and formed an empire'n'shit. Teenaged hot-blooded, athletic FeMC who lives on a world specialising in agriculture who longs for adventure has an encounter with a man possessed by a being from another dimension which wields almost god-like power in the physical world. The denizen, however, neglects to mention there is an organisation that has been hunting him and beings like him for more than 200 years to try and unlock the secrets of his dimension for SCIENCE and has developed tech that significantly weakens or outright neutralises his power. While they have standards (insomuch as they won't kill anyone they don't have to, preferring to use MIB-ish mind-wiping kit on witnesses in most cases), they rough up FeMC's family a bit when they find out he's made contact with her which she, not really being into that sort of thing, takes a mite personally. FeMC leaves the planet with her new friend and stows away on board a spaceship operated by the ex-citizens of an independent world brought into the fold of the empire forcefully. She quickly makes friends with the grizzled, but kind-hearted captain, and the denizen's power is deemed potentially incredibly useful for the purposes of defence as space piracy has entered a golden age of sorts. The denizen decides to tag along because why the fuck not, it's been a while since he had a good adventure. I'm thinking there'll be a mechanic who initially finds the pair onboard and displays tsundere tendencies towards FeMC but romance would not play any significant part save perhaps for character development. The plot will mostly consist of the various adventures the crew and FeMC have as they hop from one planet to another, occasionally dodging and combating the mysterious organisation hot on their heels until I don't know because I've not really thought that far ahead yet.
>some teens become fed up with their government's general mismanagement of their country and decide that they'll be their own kings
>they tell their parents they are going camping and trek to an abandoned mining town and build their own little society
>eventually friends start inviting other people
>until there's dozens of people all staying in this abandoned town as a camping trip
>they fix the place up, get along well, no one fucks anything up
>but as their society gets larger it keeps getting harder to maintain everyone's happiness
>the kids learn a lesson about how difficult it is to govern and they grow up in the process
>yakuza wars

>between a large number of stray cats in a sleepy seaside village
File: my original story.jpg (315.19 KB, 1433x692)
315.19 KB
315.19 KB JPG
Additional content:
Alissa Allison is half-japanese, her weeaboo father got married to a japanese woman.
Alissa Allison's mother has been a karate freak ever since she was part of the females' karate club of her high school, but was never really strong.

MC has been doing kyokushinkai karate ever since the age of 7 because his father wanted him to learn how to fight, but there was only a karate school close to their house.

MC's first visit to Alissa Allison's place for private studies:
MC meets Alissa's mother who won't approve of her daughter "dating" (*b-but it's not like they're dating or anything!* according to Alissa) a weak chinese boy.
Mother challenges MC to a fight.
MC easily defeats mother with his 15+ years of kyokushinkai experience, while mother only trained in shotokan for 3-4 years.
Mother's face goes all red and she hides behind the living's room sofa. She then peeks over it and tells MC to take care of her daughter.
>action anime about magic in a low fantasy setting
>mc is a high librarian who wields powerful grimoires and wears a three piece suit throughout, never so much as loosening his tie
>fights people who engrave spells into their souls rather than grimoires, allowing them to summon their soul as a magical fighting aid
>mc beats everyone with utter contempt, letting them attack him for a while before turning the to dust
>mc dies in a shocking and somewhat heroic way
>some random yandere slut is protagonist for season 2
>she barely wins her fights and gets beat up
>mc is alive at the end of season 2
>defeats main villain because the chick cant do it
>"whatever cunt, im to alpha to die"
Alissa invites MC in her room.
It's full of moe anime figures and other anime merchandise.
MC comments on her high power level.
Alissa answers embarrassed that they are all gifts from her father who will just buy her anything that he himself actually likes.
ur mom
I'd watch both of them.
top kek then she trains jojo
Next week MC comes to Alissa’s place, he meets her father.
MC comments on her father’s nice collection.
Father is overjoyed and shouts “OOOH FINALLY A COMRADE!” while crying.
“Want to see my most precious collection son?”, says the father as he pulls out a photo album.
The album is actually full of pictures of Alissa cosplaying, from when she was age 2 up to 14.
Alissa snatches the album and burns it.
“Good thing I have saves at work, on the cloud, and on every storage device in the house right?”, her father says cheerfully.
Alissa runs to her room and shuts herself in while crying.
A boy falls in love with a girl.

But he relies on his confidence and straight up asks her out. She says yes. They never have to question the NATURE of LOVE.
I actually saw the name written on the paper in my dream. It's weird, when I dream of girls they are usually nameless.
And I actually thought it was a weird and funny name in my dream.
Love Roma, Yandere Kanojo, the list doesn't go on...
maybe its your subconscious telling you to read battle tendency
In a fantasy world, the woman that the MC loves is killed by a rival. It's an act of cruelty designed to provoke war.

For answer, the MC summons a devil and offers the whole world as a sacrifice to have his waifu back. The devil agrees.

MC and FMC hold hands and watch as the world is consumed in darkness.

A JRPG-esque anime set in a steam/magitech world where everyone can use magic to some degree. MC is an 18 year old boy without any magical ability who dreams of being an official guard on an airship. Being a street rat in the second biggest port city for as long as he can remember, he has since learned to compensate for his lack of magic with quick thinking and his wits. On the day he was supposed to board an airship for his apprenticeship, his fate gets tangled with the infamous pirate group "The Black Locks" when he rescues a guy (who's actually a girl) from an ambush. The ambush messes up her group's operation though, and they quickly have to flee. MC gets dragged along by her, just in time to be saved from the port city's destruction. On their ship, he finds out that the Black Locks were chasing down a very powerful group that has been stealing important artifacts. He decides to tag along with them until they get to the next port city.

The crew is composed of:
>The reverse trap that MC rescued, an unnaturally skilled 19 year old swordswoman. She's one of the best swords in the land. Tutors MC on how to fight on an airship.
>A 20 year old gunslinger. His father invented the gun, and he aims to improve on his father's invention.
>A 19 year old archer. She aims to amass a huge amount of money to buy the forest she grew up in from the empire.
>A 19 year old wizard. Recruited just two weeks before MC tags along with the crew. He has great magical talent, and was warned by his mentors not to pursue wizardry lest he descend into sourcery. He has a crush on reverse trap.
>The 29 year old captain of the Black Locks. He is the current Sky Lord, but his title is not recognized by everyone.
>A 26 year old spearman who serves as the captain's right hand man.
>A 25 year old healer who is in a relationship with the spearman. She bears an uncanny resemblance to MC's dead little sister
>A 41 year old mechanic, he constructed, operates and maintains The Black Locks' ship
An anime set in the 17th century.

I don't care what it's about. I just want some fencing and flint lock pistols.
A teen in a Bosuzoku gang deals with his own dissociative identity disorder. His four distinct personalities, drink, pop pills on the train, fuck bitches, piss off his also crazy family, and fight a rival gang. he tries to commit suicide near the end, but he fails and ends up trying to deal with his problems.
It's Quadrophenia. I have no original ideas, so what.
File: Scout.png (106.39 KB, 250x250)
106.39 KB
106.39 KB PNG
So there's this dude, and he, like, fights. To protect smiles or some shit, I dunno. Then stuff happen and girls fall over him and he ends up knee-deep in bitches, but he's all "ain't got no time for that foos, i gotta protect smiles or some shit, I dunno" and then he fights his polar opposite who's still a darker version of him. He wins with the power of like coffee or something. Something to do with hearts and all that jazz.
Two gay guys fuck a trans loli whos prego with her brothers baby.

All the money now rolls in.
Nice dubs and truly best anime idea ever
Best animu
>set in the future, 2040s japan or something like that
>war in mainland asia has created a giant influx of immigrants to japan
>giant enclaves of immigrants in towns like osaka and tokyo a la GitS
>MC is a young yakuza soldier
>yakuza is in a perpetual war with new korean, chinese and indonesian gangs vying for control of the cash flow in these cities
>S1 culminates in a giant nation wide riot as japanese people are angry as fuck at all these immigrants
File: 38868350_p0.jpg (325.54 KB, 960x544)
325.54 KB
325.54 KB JPG
MC is a highschool version of the Hitch, a trait passed down from his family who are all generations of con artists who do different jobs.

First cour involves him helping classmates get the girl he wants. The second cour involves him going for the senpai he had a crush on, who happens to be as dense as Ichika from Infinite Stratos.
Then there is the childhood friend who he ignores even though she shows obvious signs of love, maximum suffering ensues.
File: 1389015085728.jpg (397.41 KB, 1200x1200)
397.41 KB
397.41 KB JPG
MC is the daughter of the chairmen of one of the prestigious in Japan. She gets good grades and is very popular among her classmates, but alas she is bored of her average high school life. One day while not paying attention in class she looks out the window she sees a group of delinquents harassing a student. That's when the idea hits her. After class she runs to her clubroom to meet her friends. One is the star of the Aikido team while her other friend is a part of the Literature Club. She tells her friends that they're gonna start their own gang. Her friends look at her with disbelief but she is completely serious. Lit Girl tries to tell her how dangerous it is but she doesn't listen. Aikido tells her that she wants no part in this what so ever. While walking home from school MC bumps into the delinquents from earlier. They start yell at her and her friends, then she tells him that this is their turf and if they don't move then they're gonna be some consequences and repercussions. Then she challenges them to a turf war after school the next day.
File: Momoka_(Delinquent).png (436.17 KB, 952x534)
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Next day after school they meet at the rooftop of the school. She tells them that they'll fight best 2 out of 3 and the winners get the turf and also the loser has to join the winner. Aikido-chan tries to tell them that this is stupid and then proceeds to leave, but then one of the delinquents comes at her from behind with a weapon. She then deflects his attack and slams him to the ground with little to no effort. Next round is Lit Girl vs. Cue-ball-san. Delinquent pulls out a switchblade and Lit. Girl faints on the spot. Now it's MC vs. Rival Leader. RL tells her that he's gonna be a gentleman and not hit her in her "pretty face" and MC says "To bad I can't say the same thing for you" and rushes RL, but unfortunately her fighting skills are no match for his and she getting abused with multiple body checks. Aikido-chan tells her to give up before she gets herself killed and that she is taking this too far. MC screams at her to shut up and says "What? Am I just supposed to stop now and just go about my "normal" school life and going about doing what everyone expects me to? I'm tired of doing people want me to do, now I’m gonna do what "I" wanna do". RL is taken by her speech, but that doesn't stop him landing one last uppercut to her midsection. But it was all a part of her plan, now she latches on to his arm, pull him forward and punches him square in the face with ringed finger knocking him out in the process. Everyone is aw struck by the scene and in the silence MC yells "Oi, Listen here you shit faced bastards, my favorite snacks are pudding cups and pocky, that means I want them every day at 2:00 on the dot. Got it you punks?!" There former boss gets up and proudly says “Yes Big Sis!” prompting the others to do so as well.
>Gods reunite at sone kind of gods summit
>They need to see if humankind is still following the path teached to them long ago
>they decide to send back the soul of an old man
>old man is voiced by Norio Wakamoto
>have to enter into the body of a dying person and see how the world is
>but any body he takes only can withstand 7 days
>hilarity ensues since he have to change into diferent bodies
>bodies goes through loli to a 30yo wizard
>at the end, the old man pass his judgement upon humankind
>the humankind is saved, old man wants to return to life
>to do this, he have to get a little fragment of the souls of the people who he possesed
>he haves 4 days to do this

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