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File: kiseijuu01_077.jpg (149.72 KB, 738x1063)
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hello /a/, as I was reading Iwaaki's Kiseijuu, I noticed that this page was missing and was never translated, si I wondered if anyone could help translating it.
There are scans for the english edition somewhere.
no, this page was left out entirely.
What, really? That's odd. Here's a rough translation:

Look! It's dying.

That was quick...


Just as I suspected, it was relying on the dog's body for survival.


To think another one of your kind would be here...

Only the head is its real body, but it can control the rest of the dog by manipulating its nervous system.

It was foolish enough to let its guard down after sprouting some wings, giving me an opening to strike.

Migi, even though you finally manage to meet another one of your kind, you...
File: Parasyte v1 p043.jpg (225.78 KB, 1200x908)
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It is perhaps a different version of the release. One which may potentially be found in the licensed version of Parasyte. I said scans of the English edition.

And lo and behold.
Hah, Hox. You may have wasted your time somewhat.
Oh well, back to video games for me then.
Yeah I have M-O scans and I didn't find any other results since these are the ones most manga sites use, thanks Anon!

thanks anyway Hox!
>Parasyte anime
>Parasyte movie
Not sure if want.
I imagine it'd be like The Thing, if they used more animatronics than cgi i'd definitely want.
It's not about wanting. It's going to happen one way or another.

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