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Hey /a/

This is my life in a nutshell...I don't expect anyone to participate but if you feel like sharing your thoughts and such the floor is all yours..

>Be 19
>Skinny (kind of anorexic looking..)
>Small hands and feet..like a baby
>Dropped out of high school
>Not really good at math and numbers
>Have anxiety disorder
>Lost both of my parents when I was 8
>Was in and out of foster care until I was 17
>Have low self esteem
>Can't look anyone in the eyes when having a convo
>Can't be in a room with too many people
>I get lonely most of the time..really lonely
>I used to work as a waitress at a diner but one day a few customers get harassing me so I up and left
>I hug my pillow every night and cry
>I just wish I was somewhere else..

I need to talk...I don't know if I should be doing this but here goes..

>emptycanvas (steam id)
eat shit and die
>steam id
go to /vg/
find the steam friends general
youre welcome
Just report and ignore.
R u a grill?

All I am wondering after reading your post, is why on earth you posted on /a/? Is /a/ your regular board? Do you really like anime? I don't even slightly understand why this post is here.
They are called shitposters. They know perfectly well it's against the rules but they do it anyway.

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