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File: Cowboy Bebop - OST 1.jpg (397.85 KB, 1600x1593)
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I really love the Jazz that I hear in anime. I've heard plenty of Jazz from the west and I don't even feel like it compares. Why do the Japanese make such good Jazz? Also general anime music thread. All genres.

I don't even listen to Jazz and I can already tell you're a faggot
Why's that?
Sounds like you are full of shit and should fuck off to /mu/ or wherever poeple might care.
So is Spike kill?
He is fiiine
naw, he just was faking it yo
The majority of the stuff I'm sure you're classifying as 'Jazz' is not actually straight 'jazz'. It will be things ranging from Bebop to Bossa Nova to Funk, etc. And many of the songs are inspired by (or even directly lifted from) western songs.

For example, take "Barefoot in the Park" from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Which is clearly a Bossa Nova song:

But it is a direct copy of "The Girl from Ipanema":

Likewise, you will have something like "Pushing the Sky", which people mislabel as funk (but we won't go into that here):

Well, in actuality, this is actually a remixed version of the song "Leave You Fall Behind" by Lunatic Calm:

Now, I'm not trying to make it seem like anime is totally devoid of originality. There's tons of original jazz music in anime, especially from artists like Joe Hisaishi:
And Takanori Arisawa:
Among many others. I'm just saying, you have to realize, there's many who are taking inspiration (or directly copying) from the same western sources that you say are weaker.
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File: p-chew.jpg (36.16 KB, 640x480)
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Thanks for this.

>"Barefoot in the Park" from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
>is a direct copy of "The Girl from Ipanema"

And yet its still the best song in the show.
How is Bebop not "straight jazz"? It simply refers to a trend of song arranging/soloing and the general period and mindset of Jazz in the 40s/early 50s.
Because the OST songs, especially in the movie have actually a wide array of genres?


Bebop itself is not straight Jazz. Its a sub genre of Jazz.

But yes, Cowboy Bebop (the show) used dozens of different styles in it. And there's more than one song in the show which directly copied other western songs.
Probably the best and possibly only good thing about C3-bu was the soundtrack

You need to listen to real jazz, OP.
I've been always wondering this, specially when i listen some kind of jazz i ask myself what "genre" is this? It can't be pure jazz, because for what i have listened of jazz, is slow and this song for example is fast;
Living on the deck
A classic, metal slug has some sort of jazz specially Metal slug one
Inner station
Ridge 256
And the main theme

I can't really identify what genre it is due to my lack of knowledge in the subject. And if i could ask, do you know what type is it, and tell me, please?
Read the post I'm quoting, he used Bebop as in Bebop Jazz, not the show.

And it's a subgenre in the same way every single Jazz song ever recorded falls into a 'subgenre' of Jazz. There's no "Jazz Jazz", it's always something. Big Band, Ragtime, Bebop, Hard Bop, Free, whatever. Straight Jazz (or straight ahead) usually refers to traditional arrangements where the tune presents a chord progression within a theme, then the soloists solo the whole song to their pleasure. Most Jazz albums generally feature a mix of original song with clever or different writings, and straight ahead Jazz tunes usually consisting of standards. So any Bebop-style Jazz tune can be straight-ahead, it just depends on how it's played.
>I really love the Jazz that I hear in anime. I've heard plenty of Jazz from the west and I don't even feel like it compares. Why do the Japanese make such good Jazz?
This is some clueless Otaku talking about anime music like it's king of the genres it uses.
That OP is nothing but cringeworthy.
>Metal Slug X - Living on the Deck Soundtrack
That's fairly typical guitar-ridden fusion, think Scott Henderson, Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan. Sans the 8-bit sound.
File: kiminitodoke011.jpg (77.51 KB, 1280x720)
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>/a/ actually talking about music

You can mock OP all you want, but this is a fricken miracle.
>I've heard plenty of Jazz from the west and I don't even feel like it compares. Why do the Japanese make such good Jazz?
I have never heard a more delusional, weeb sentence in my life.
This isn't even subjective, you are objectively wrong.
>this is a fricken miracle.
It happens from time to time.

Every thread I see just gets a couple youtube links then dies.
no it isn't
the best song is along The Beast II (or the faster version normaal blood), Decisive Battle, A Step Forward into Terror or the Rei sogns
I don't know shit about music either so posting Youtube links is all I have

Take that faggot
>heard plenty of Jazz from the west
You sure about that?
I have super pleb taste when it comes to jazz but I still think that most stuff that comes out of the west is vastly superior

A couple examples from just one artist/group that I think blow away pretty much any anime song ever made:

as long as you keep it alive
usually the thread is dead after a few anons posted their favourites and left imediately
That is pleb jazz op. Please refrain frome ver coming to /mu/
Well considering the OP is written and performed by The Seatbelts, I'd have to say you're retarded. But meh, guess that's your incestial parents fault
>muh smile is stuck
>muh frownland
You're ignorance is showing

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