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Hey /a/ do you have the screencap of


I will delete this thread immediately after and will forever be in your debt.
>I will delete this thread
Lurk more you fucking faggot.
Do you have the screencap of you guys saying how you love the taste and smell of cum, and how you want to be penis-smacked like dirty little whores, and how said thread turned some of you gay?

You see I plan to go out with a special someone tonight who will tie me up and do lewd things to me, who is an avid channer as well, and i plan to show him this cap to spark some ideas.

I don't think i'm the one that needs more time to grow accustomed to this imageboard. it's only polite to delete a thread if it's of no use to the board anymore, to keep another one from sliding in it's stead. That is, if it's within 4chan's new deletion window.
You can't delete your own threads. Which is why you shouldn't make shit threads in the first place.

And by the way, this is not >>>/r/.

Lurk more.
>You can't delete your own threads
I'm a first time /a/ poster, but unless this is an /a/ specific policy that doesn't apply to /o/ /b/ or /k/, that wouldn't do
>This is not >>>/r/
Am I the one who needs to lurk more, because since forever a friendly "Hi /thread/, do you have anything on [something that happened within /thread/ community]?" was usually accepted within reason.

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