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File: slayerstrygroup.jpg (199.33 KB, 749x473)
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How far should I watch Slayers?

I've been told it gets insufferably horrid at some point in the later series.
This is just my opinion, but all three seasons of the original show are pretty good. The second season (NEXT) is usually touted to be the best, followed by the first then third. My problem with the third is that it's all anime original material and it shows at times, particularly the new character they introduced. She was pretty annoying and felt forced. It still had its merits though, so you really can't go wrong.

It's been said to avoid the R series but I haven't seen them myself, so no opinion.
I would say Slayers and Slayers Next, plus the OVAs and movies.

I'd also suggest watching Rune Soldier, which is entirely unrelated to Slayers but offers a similar type of show.
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Just ignore other people's opinion and watch it all. If you end up not liking something, then stop. It's not rocket science.

Why are there so many sheep on the internet which would rather allow critics/random people tell them what to watch than actually just try watching it themselves? Especially on a site like 4chan where someone will say ANYTHING is shit.
Bad season can ruin the whole thing.
No it can't.

Especially revolution and evolution-r which feel like ignorable fan fiction anyway.
File: 1214535695669.jpg (23.67 KB, 576x432)
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Only if you let it. And you still are an idiot if you won't watch a show and see for yourself simply because 'someone told you it was bad'.

If you watch it and find out its bad, then you can say its bad. If you simply never watch it because someone else said its bad, all you are is an idiot who never saw it because he's afraid.
Watch the first 3 seasons.
I don't think it's aged well. I'm sure if you watch it now, the jokes will feel very generic.

You'll want to make sure you're craving for a fantasy setting.
File: 1214521787389.jpg (24.65 KB, 640x480)
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>I don't think it's aged well.

Only for kids who think all anime started after 2006. The show is still one of the best anime out there if you have an open mind. Saying Slayers hasn't aged well is like saying CardCaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Eva or LoGH hasn't aged well.
The first three seasons are very good in my opinion, TRY, the third season isn't as strong as the first two, but it's still entertaining.

Rev and EVO-R are pretty ass though. Watch them if you want, but don't expect anything solid.

Luke and Mileena when?
File: xel.jpg (10.18 KB, 234x215)
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All of it.

Next > 1st season > TRY > Evo-R > Revo

Nevertheless, even the latter stuff is enjoyable. TRY is mostly non-canon (at least to the extent its story and characters were not created by Kanzaka, only "supervised"), but still decent.

Next and 1st season is 10/10. One of my favorites, 'twas my first real anime experience back in '97. Xellos is god-tier tweener.

At least we got Zuuma, botched though the story was.
The only things that haven''t aged well are the art style (although I, and many other people like it, it is extremely 90's) and the video quality.
I honestly can't remember anything from Evo and Revo except how much I hate Pokota or whatever that fucking thing was called.
watch it all op , hunt down every manga, every fan art/ fan fic and doujinshi and r34 there is.
File: 9583484.jpg (45.37 KB, 640x480)
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Alright, here it is.

The Slayers anime is a separate canon to the Novels/Manga, as established by the author Hajime Kanzaka.

The first 2 seasons follow the novels, Slayers and Slayers NEXT. They are considered the 'best' seasons by fans, but still alter tons of the content from the novels.

The third season, Slayers TRY, does not follow the novels aside from references to location names, spell names, Mazoku and a few characters. It is a side series that was made to tie into the series Lost Universe, which was being made at the same time. So Slayers TRY ties into the anime version of Lost Universe. Generally, it was still well done like the first two seasons and is required viewing if you want to see Lost Universe.

Slayers Revolution/R-Evolution later came along and also tried to follow the novels. But like the first two seasons, changed a lot of the content. And WAY more than the first two seasons. So it was more like 20% novel content and 80% unique anime content. Fans felt that it was rushed and poorly done, mostly because it tried to piggy back on the story of the first season of Slayers with little logic. And the Novel characters/content they did insert didn't seem to make sense in relation to the anime exclusive content. Generally, the seasons are considered a low point for the series.

Then in between all the seasons, there's 5 movies and 2 OVAs. All of which range from good to great.

In the end, you should just watch the show and make up your own mind.
File: 514HD4jFErL.jpg (61.81 KB, 456x500)
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I've actually only seen the movies and OVAs (which were okay but not great) but haven't seen the show itself. I'm planning on getting the Slayers boxset some time soon. Should I bother with Revolution and Evolution-R, even if they may not be as good as the first three seasons?
I say yeah, the only reason people say they suck is because they aren't as good as S2/S1.
That's good enough for me, maybe I'll get them some time later. I hope the series lives up to all the praise it gets.
File: 1390201024605.png (416.99 KB, 690x525)
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Watch until Try. Also the Movies and the OVA are great.
File: amelia55.jpg (99.29 KB, 600x720)
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Just watch Slayers for Amelia. Then you won't be disappointed, even by the later seasons.
Man she's got some big titties for a fourteen year old.
well she is the little sister of Naga
She was 14 when the first series began and each season is separated by a year.
File: 1234971134146.jpg (116.41 KB, 366x326)
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Best character of the show right here. Remember that, OP.
File: amelia221.jpg (414.24 KB, 700x700)
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I personally hope her breasts never grow as big as her sisters. I love huge breasts, but Nagas are too big. As Nagas are suppose to be mocking oversized breasts in Shonen girls.

Amelia's are perfect. As is her height. The perfect little 17 year old.
File: gourry.jpg (31.06 KB, 608x496)
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>there will never be a Slayers Roguelike/Diablo style ARPG where you can create your own character, explore the world and defeat Mazoku
Consume all Slayers related material. It's the best show.

And make sure you read the LNs after you finish the anime. All of the main story LNs are translated at this point (and floating around in the /a/ archives somewhere)
File: deaa17ce.jpg (1.03 MB, 764x1024)
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If Araizumi Rui draws something, does that make it canon?

I hope so.
File: 662627838.jpg (159.98 KB, 600x579)
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Be nice if they animated some more stuff.
File: lina_canal.jpg (994.94 KB, 1628x2274)
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I honestly wish they'd do one of two things.

1) Remake Lost Universe. The show got horrible treatment from the studio because of the fire and a rushed production. Then tons of hate from fans who thought it was taking away another Slayers season. But in reality, a good Lost Universe remake now could probably help more to revive the Kanzaka brand than the Rev/R-Evo did for Slayers.

2) Make a new Slayers movie like Slayers Premium did to revive Slayers.
I wish they would re master S1-3 maybe even do a reboot.
What for? Not that it would be a bad idea or anything, but the original series is just fine. It's not like it needs a remake like how DBZ or HxH did (DBZ for its overwhelming amount of filler per episode and HxH because the original anime was left incomplete).

The artstyle would need a complete makeover. I don't think it'd resonate well with modern audiences -- as much as I like it, the style is just too 90s and outdated. I think Trigger could do a great Slayers adaption, since their style is vibrant and lively the way the 90s were, but still modern.
File: 517070633.jpg (203.40 KB, 541x800)
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203.40 KB JPG
I'd like to see Aqualord animated. It has all the bits to a good Slayers series, without being too "big". I figure that without rushing it could fit in 13 episodes or so.
I agree, just wishful thinking on my part. If it was remade more people who are newer to anime might get a chance to like it then they might actually make another season or movie.
File: amelia_icon.jpg (81.15 KB, 570x540)
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Slayers Rev/R-Evo did do a revised artstyle for modern audiences. And, at least from every fan I have ever talked to, they all hate it. It is one of the dozens of things they hate about the new shows.

For Lost Universe I don't think it would be as big of an issue since a lot less people saw the show, Lost Universe has that 'futuristic' look and because it needs to separate itself from the Slayers style. But when it comes to Slayers rebooting its style, it really shouldn't. It needs to keep itself looking that classic 90s look.

Honestly, I wouldn't quarrel with Canal looking more modern. Just like I don't mind Amelias new look. But I can definitely see why people didn't like Lina, Zel or Gourry's updated look.
File: slayers4_15.jpg (54.46 KB, 1024x576)
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>But I can definitely see why people didn't like Lina, Zel or Gourry's updated look.

She looks exactly like Louise from Zero no Tsukaima....that's just bad.
File: c8cf8186.jpg (331.63 KB, 1920x1200)
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Perhaps they could just animate using Rui's latest style. It looks fairly straightforward to animate.
Don't watch Revolution or Evolution-R

Besides that you're golden
I wouldn't let those filthy fucks near the series.Trigger/former Gainax Imaishi team are good or decent at original anime, they should just stick to that.

Madhouse is much better at keeping stuff fluidly animated for over a 100 episodes without resorting to stills as much

>Madhouse is much better at keeping stuff fluidly animated for over a 100 episodes without resorting to stills as much

Depends on which group is doing it. The best group they had was the Hajime no Ippo team, which they 'dissolved' after the second season. And most of the members either left to other studios or joined the Hunter x Hunter team. And its unclear if they're working on Hajime no Ippo season 3.

Even one of my favorite series like CardCaptor Sakura had wild swings in animation consistency. So I wouldn't say Madhouse is entirely consistent. Someone like Production IG or KyoAni is a little more solid, though WAY more costly.

Time is valuable faggot.


opinion discarded

>Time is valuable

Then get off 4chan.

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